October 14, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 5

Fall fashion tips from the Todd

Dr. Coke offers up his advice on how to be at the forefront of fall fashion trends
Dr. Coke Addict

Dr. Coke’s fall line-up is full of festive and functional fashion.

For most students tests and papers are what make up the week before Fall Break, but there was an addition to this list for some students. A select few students of Georgetown College were also given an exclusive preview of the Fall Fashions this year.

English Professor and Fashion Trendsetter Dr. Todd Coke presented a new piece of fall apparel to his students each day during the week leading up to Fall Break. On Monday, Dr. Coke unveiled the first piece of his line up with a slim-fit, long-sleeved, faded black polo. This item can be used for casual to a semi-dressy look depending on the accessories.

On Tuesday, his ENG 410 class anxiously awaited the second piece of his line up. It was not until 6:07 p.m. that Dr. Coke walked into the room dawning a French rib half-zip fleece. This piece is crucial in the fall for surviving those late night walks around campus.

By Wednesday, people were arriving early to class to get a front row seat for the next piece of must-have fall apparel. Knowing that his students were on the edges of their seats, Dr. Coke chose to let the anticipation build a little before walking into the classroom. The third installment was made for the casual person in mind, a long-sleeved heather grey shirt with naturally faded Levi jeans. Since most students enjoy quick throw-on clothes, this combination is essential for them to be in style this fall.

I would like to thank Dr. Coke for his wonderful modeling of fall fashion this year. Aside from these wonderful choices, I would like to throw in a few recommendations. When considering what colors to wear, look outside. Mother Nature gives you a great list of colors to choose from: shades of green, brown, tan, orange and red are great choices for tops. For bottoms, dark jeans are always a great choice but, if you want to dress up a little, keep the khakis at home and invest in some corduroys. For extra layers, v-neck and crew neck sweaters are great, but not the only things you can wear. A sweater vest or cardigan (if you’re daring) are also nice choices.

Finally, patterns are the best part of the fall. Even though it is safe to wear solids and stripes, why not have some plaid, argyle, or Fair Isle in your wardrobe? In closing, I met with Dr. Coke to discuss his source of inspiration for his fall collection. He said to focus on purchasing only the essential clothes for each season. This is the reason why he has not had to “purchase many clothes since the 1970’s.”



feature photo

Junior Victoria Engelhardt took this picture on top of the Natural Bridge in Slade, Ky.




Sports Editor

Brenton Yadon and Stephen Parker go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

Writing a senior spotlight about Brenton Yadon without Stephen Parker is like a peanut butter sandwich without jelly, salt without pepper, Mary Kate without Ashley: you can’t have one without the other. And so, for the first time, The Georgetonian presents a two-for-one Senior Spotlight.

Yadon and Parker were quick to point out that they live together in Collier Hall, where Yadon works as the RD. The pair of Philosophy and Religion double majors (Parker from Middlesboro, Ky. Yadon from Somerset Ky.) chose to attend Georgetown College because, “they didn’t have an admissions essay,” and both look up to Dr. Sands Wise, aka Sandswizzle, as their favorite professor. Philosophy of Religion with Dr. Sands Wise is Parker’s favorite class, while Yadon most enjoyed Dr. Klopfer’s Theology of the Cross.

Parker’s favorite GC experiences took him out-of-state, to North Carolina and Arizona for Campus Ministries trips. Yadon, meanwhile, favors random visits from sophomore Cameron Nixon, right in his own dorm. In their spare time, Parker and Yadon play 007 Nightfire and Kill Bond Spacesuit with Ryan Archer, and their favorite musician is Bob Dylan.

As his hero, Parker listed Scott Stapp. “Dr. Sands Wise introduced us and my life was never the same.” Many readers may know Yadon’s hero, Mason Head. “He’s so cute and makes my day,” said Yadon.

When asked to elaborate on his relationship status, Yadon described his girlfriend, sophomore Morgan Floyd, who he has been dating for over 10 months. “She is wonderful and beautiful and hopefully reading this. I asked her out on a lovely night in December over a yes/no/maybe fancifully-folded note. She thought it was so cute and loved it!”

To the same question, Parker apparently replied, “I hate myself.”

If Parker and Yadon were to find themselves trapped on a deserted island, they’d be well-prepared: Parker with Cameron Nixon, his Megazord, and Barth’s Dogamtics, Yadon with a Penn Station, his Bible and a friend. If either won the lottery, Parker would buy land and start a community farm, and Yadon would buy a farm after buying a house for his mom. He might also take his dream vacation to Europe to see all the churches and castles.

Notably, the publication of this issue of The Georgetonian marks Yadon’s achievement of the thing he is most passionate about in life: “Getting a Senior Spotlight in The Georgetonian.” Parker’s somewhat more noble passion is his “search for truth and meaning.”

After graduation, Yadon says he’s excited to move on to new things in his life. As far as after-college plans, Yadon and Parker both hope to “find [themselves] in Europe,” per GC graduate Jacob Day’s instructions.

Together, they wrote a paragraph of advice for underclassmen: “Treat women with respect, recycle, don’t eat rotten berries, avoid Caf pizza (onion worms), don’t put pool balls in the toilet, eat local foods, don’t play Cameron Nixon in basketball, flush the toilets after use, live in Collier Hall, and do not blast Dave Matthews music out your window.”

All About Brenton:

Yadon’s hero is Mason Head.

Birthday: October 27
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite movie: Star
Wars: The Empire Strikes
Perfect day: An unstructured
day with family or
Favorite on-campus food:
Chicken tenders with Paradise
City sauce from the

Parker, a self-proclaimed fairy princess, jams on his guitar.

All About Stephen:

Birthday: September 15
Favorite Color: Green
Job: Music Intern at First
Baptist in Frankfort
Favorite movie: Anything
by Tyler Perry
One word to describe himself:
*Ostensible – Declared,
avowed, professed; presented
(esp. untruthfully or misleadingly)
as actual; stated
or appearing to be genuine,
but not necessarily so. Frequently
implicitly or explicitly
opposed to actual or real.”


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