October 21, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 6

Sports Editor

On Saturday, passers-by may have noticed a mother and her young daughter dancing in the middle of a Sigma Kappa circle-up. A 2004 graduate of GC, Ami Anderson Wilcox returned for Homecoming this year with her husband, Jared Wilcox, and their 19-month-old daughter, Jaycie Lark Wilcox, who got a grand tour of campus from her mother. Wilcox revealed that her favorite part of returning to campus, besides seeing great friends, was introducing her daughter to the campus, including the circle-up experience.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Communication Arts and Business, Wilcox returned to GC and earned her Masters in Learning and Behavior Disorders just last year, in 2009. She currently works as an Exceptional Child Instructor at Emma B. Ward Elementary School in Anderson County, Ky.

While attending GC, Wilcox was involved in Sigma Kappa sorority and Alpha Lambda Delta. She was also a member of the cheerleading squad, and shared her favorite GC memory—cheering in a soaking wet 2000 National NAIA football championship game. She also loved all four Songfests that she participated in over her years at Georgetown. Wilcox said her GC experience was “amazing”: “Four of the best years of my life filled with caring faculty, wonderful friends, and exciting experiences.”


Kimberly Horne graduated from GC just last year, and her sister is now a sophomore here, but that didn’t hinder her excitement about returning to campus for the Kappa Delta sorority brunch. Now a first year student at the University of Dayton School of Law in Dayton, Ohio, Horne was a Political Science major, Spanish minor who was a member of the cheerleading squad and won the Mountain Laurel Festival Pageant in 2008 while representing GC. She made some of her favorite college memories while cheering at football and basketball games during her first two years at Georgetown. Horne’s GC experience was “extremely personal, meaningful and challenging. I wouldn’t change my amazing experience at Georgetown College for anything! I made strong relationships with friends, GC faculty and professors that I am confident will stick with me throughout life.”



Emily Wagoner, like most other alumni, just wanted to see her friends when she came back to campus for Homecoming. “I’ve missed them a lot since having last seen some of them in May,” said Wagoner, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in History and a German minor. Luckily, Wagoner does get to see some of her GC friends on a regular basis; she now attends University of Dayton as a first year law student, along with some of her fellow GC alums. The Kappa Delta was a member of the College Republicans, German Club and Alpha Lamba Delta during her years at GC. Her favorite memory? Running out of John L. Hill Chapel on Chapel Day her freshman year – although graduation came in as a close second. “My overall GC experience was a good one,” she said. “I recieved a great education as well as meeting many wonderful friends. GC holds a fond place in my heart.”



Although 2009 GC graduate Jackson Silvanik lives too far away to visit campus, even for Homecoming activities, he still spent time over the weekend reflecting on his time at Georgetown. “I had a blast and really enjoyed getting to know my professors and classmates, especially those who encouraged me to think outside the box and work creatively,” he said. “I’ve discovered that the collaborative environment that Georgetown fosters really prepared me for graduate studies.” Silvanik (an English and American Studies major, History minor while at GC) now attends E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, where he is studying for a master’s degree in journalism. The former Back Page and Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Georgetonian “will be enjoying life in Athens, Ohio with [his] girlfriend, Kristie, until I depart to claim my guaranteed Pulitzer and high-paying job.” [Silvanik’s girlfriend Kristie Powell graduated from GC in 2008]. His favorite college memories include Tuesday nights working for The Georgetonian, three-hour weekly book discussions with Dr. Coke, and “any occasion that required a singing of the Alma Mater.”



This year’s Homecoming activities provided GC alumnus Jimmy Carty with a chance to reunite with his football teammates; Carty joined the Tigers in 2001 for their third national championship.


The 2005 graduate earned a degree in Accounting and Mathematics from GC before moving back to his hometown of Cincinnati, where he began a career in banking with Fifth Third Bank. Carty worked as a Commercial and Consumer Lease Accountant, Credit Analyst, Capital Markets Portfolio Manger before settling into his current role as Business Banking Relationship Manager. He has also coached the Xavier University football team in Cincinnati.

“Coming back for Homecoming is always an exciting thing, as it brings back so many great memories both on and off the field,” said Carty, who explained, “It was nice to see some of my teammates that I hadn’t seen in a long time. There’s nothing like reminiscing about the good old days!” He described his Georgetown experience, in a word, as “unbelievable.”

“I can’t say thank you enough to the professors, coaches and students that helped make my time at Georgetown so special,” he said. “I will never forget those days and will especially never forget the people. What a great college experience!”


Another recent GC grad, Erica Janszen, of the class of 2010, returned to campus for Homecoming to catch up with friends and support the football team in their game against Pikeville.


Janszen spent much of her time at GC on a different team, playing volleyball for Tigers. The three-time All- American (in 2007, 2008 and 2009) played in the 2009 National Championship game, where the Tigers earned second in the nation in volleyball.

Since graduating with a major in Art (emphasis in digital art) and minors in Communication and Media Studies and Business Administration, Janszen spent the summer working for Governor Martha Layne Collins (Executive Scholar-in-Residence for GC) in the area of Institutional Advancement. She recently accepted a job with Fifth Third Bank. Walking around campus, Janszen remembered the friendships she made while attending GC and the feeling of the college being her home. She also reminisced with pride on the accomplishments of the volleyball program. Overall, she enjoyed her Georgetown experience, saying, “I wouldn’t change it if I could.”


Eliza Tychonievich answered all her alumni spotlight interview questions very thoroughly—perhaps because she was an English major who worked for The Georgetonian while attending GC, and now works as an editor and travel writer. She’s even engaged to another former English major and GC student, Jeremiah Myers (class of 2005).


Since graduating in 2007, Tychonievich has been busy working for The Group Travel Leader, Inc., a Lexington-based publishing company that produces three national travel publications for members of the travel industry. As the online editor, she manages the publications’ e-newsletters and online content, and writes travel stories for the publications as well. According to Tychonievich, “The best part about Homecoming is that it gives very busy graduates an excuse to gather together once a year. I loved just sitting around reminiscing with old friends and catching up on where their lives have taken them.”

While Tychonievich’s travel writing has taken her around the world, she still remembers her experiences at Georgetown College (including her activities with the Phi Mu sorority and Maskrafters) as some of the best of her life. “It’s impossible to choose one favorite Georgetown College memory, because there are just so many,” she said. “One of my favorite Georgetown College professors was Dr. Mary Brady who worked in the English Department. She made every class with her an adventure. Her fiery enthusiasm for the subject was one of the reasons I became an English major.”

Tychonievich also elaborated about her GC experience in general. “One of the best parts about going to a small school is the individual attention you get from the teachers, who not only taught me an incredible amount about my fields of study, but also became my mentors that I looked up to.

“The fact that it was a liberal arts college gave me a well-rounded education, which helped me out when choosing a major. I came into college without a clue as to what I was going to do with my life and graduated with a major I loved that I was able to turn into a job.

“The other crucial ingredient that made my college life so amazing was the close network of friends that supported me and made every day full of fun. They helped me grow a lot as a person during my time at Georgetown.”


Josh Underwood graduated from GC back in 1997, but he hasn’t gone far: he now lives in Glasgow, Ky. with his wife Sabrina Underwood (formerly Sabrina Parks, a 2004 GC grad). The former Communication Arts major, Physical Education minor spent time as the News-Graphic Sports Editor right in Georgetown before going to work at Cook, Downing and Underwood Insurance Agency. During his time at GC, Underwood competed on the tennis team (his sophomore tennis season is his favorite GC memory) and worked on The Georgetonian staff. He was also a member of the President’s House Association.


Underwood described his time at GC as very rewarding. “I received a great education at a fantastic college and met many wonderful people,” he said. During Homecoming weekend, Underwood enjoyed just walking the campus. “Sabrina and I talked about where we had classes, what’s changed on campus and what has stayed the same.”


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