October 28, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 7

Halloween ideas for your holiday

Staff Writer

October is my favorite month. Hot weather turns cool, the leaves start to fall, decorations come up and amazing food starts to pop up on tables. This means wearing comfortable sweaters, fun dates to the park to play in leaf piles and more trips to the gym. Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. I am not a fan of candy, but dressing up and haunted houses are definitely my thing.

Kentucky is a state full of haunted places. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is the real deal. The former tuberculosis hospital has been entertaining people through their own haunted house and by the real haunting of the place itself. The first section consists of a walk through part that is typical of haunted houses. It will scare you until you scream. The second section is a massive, all-black room and you have to find your way out. There are no people in there but your group. No one jumps out to touch you or say “boo.” Even though nothing is there… something is there. Even having gone three times, the scare has yet to go away. Waverly only charges $20 per person and it is well worth that amount. Outside there is food, live music and tons of information on the building to keep you entertained.

You can make a costume like this with the directions on threadbanger.com.

Another place that is considered haunted is Bardstown, Ky. For the people not familiar with Kentucky, this is not the same as Bardstown Rd. The whole town is full of haunted tours, creepy bed & breakfasts and ghost stories. The Old Talbott Tavern is my absolute favorite restaurant ever. Upstairs are five overnight rooms. Each room is named after a famous person who has stayed there and is also haunted. The building itself holds so much history. If you are looking for a place to visit, eat or get away to, this is the place to go.

I am a horror movie fiend. I spend countless hours watching a free movie channel called FearNet—also a website. This channel is packed with all the best and cheesiest scary movies. If you are looking to have a scary movie night with friends, try some of these: “Slither,” “MothMan Prophecies,” “Gothika,” “Amityville Horror” (old version) or “The Exorcist.” You do not have to pay to rent a movie either. FearNet’s website offers free movies with no downloads. Hint: older scary movies tend to be scarier because apparently people today cannot come up with good ideas.

If you have a party to go to Halloween weekend and yet to have a costume, fear net! That was a pun, not a typo. There are so many other options besides spending $30-$100 on a costume that a hundred other girls will have. If you are a boy, there are some for you too. Making trips to Goodwill will not hurt you; it may actually change your life. You can find cheap costumes there or the supplies to make your own. Crafty people, take note. There is a website with quick and easy tutorials on Halloween costumes from Pikachu to Lady GaGa and Poison Ivy. Some projects involve no sewing and some involve a couple hours of it. Thread Bangers— threadbanger.com—is a website that offers crafty directions on all sorts of things. This is a cheap way to find cool costumes.

“Gothika” is a good choice for your Halloween revelry.

If you do not have anything to do, consider going to a haunted house in Lexington or Louisville. Consider going out with your friends. If you want to just sit around and listen to music, here are some great Halloween type artists that may get you in the mood to be scared: Rob Zombie, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. You can also listen to the movie soundtrack from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Lastly, I know no one has anything to do Thursday night. Seriously, you don’t. Knight Hall is hosting a pre-Halloween trick-or-treat event for the Georgetown community. We will have a haunted castle, decorations, and candy for the children of Georgetown! Coming to help pass out candy would be a great help to the Knight Hall ladies and get the children excited!



Opinion Editor

Flores is pictured here with a leprechaun in Ireland.

Jessica Flores, a Spanish and English double major with an emphasis in Secondary Education, transferred to Georgetown from Morehead State for her sophomore year, but she certainly did not let that stop her from getting very involved around campus. Flores has participated in Songfest, studied abroad, gone on an international mission trip, volunteered with various organizations on and off campus, and taken up offices in numerous campus organizations.

Flores claimed that, from all of her numerous activities on campus, her favorite memory from Georgetown has been the Songfest of her sophomore year. She explained, “I was a transfer, so I didn’t know anyone and that really introduced me to a lot of great people.” However, some runners-up for favorite Georgetown memories included studying abroad in Valencia, Spain during her junior year and going on the 2010 Brazil mission trip.

While studying in Spain, Flores was able to travel and experience all sorts of interesting things. In Ireland, she saw Ozzy Osborne in a book store, and in Morocco she rode a camel and slept in the Sahara Desert. It was “the best experience of my life,” she said.

While here on Georgetown’s campus, though, Flores’s favorite classes have been photography and Shakespeare. Flores explained by saying about photography, “I took it last semester and fell in love!” and about Shakespeare, “I’m an English nerd. And Dr. Allen rocks. She’s the man, if you didn’t know.”

To go with the English theme, Flores claimed that Allen is her favorite professor in class. “She says things like moodlicious and puts Sassy Gay Friend on Moodle. I think she and Dr. Coke read Urban Dictionary together at night.” However, her favorite professor outside of class is Dr. Tabor—“I never had her in class, but Dr. Tabor is my fave. She is my adviser and was really there for me when my mom died sophomore year. You don’t forget people like that.”

Despite coming to Georgetown a year into her college career, Flores has gotten very involved with campus life. She is an officer in Alpha Gamma Delta, the president of Kentucky Education Association- Student Program, vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa, International Student Liaison for the United Nations of Georgetown, a photographer for Sigma Tau Delta, the resident director for Alpha Gamma Delta, a staff writer for The Georgetonian and occasionally helps with the GAC Traditions Committee.

Even with all of these activities, Flores has stayed very active with volunteer work. She has worked with second grade students at her old elementary school, worked with Habitat for Humanity, was a Big Sister for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, helped with Vacation Bible School at her church, participated in community clean-up projects, helped coach youth cheerleaders and organized blood drives at her high school. When she has time to relax, Flores said she enjoys scrapbooking and spending time with her three-month-old nephew.

When asked about her future plans, Flores explained that she wants to teach “both English and Spanish if at all possible.” She would also like to write a book or two and do a lot of traveling. As she said, “Australia is my destination once I raise the money (I’m in love with the way they talk).”

Looking ahead to graduation, Flores said “I transferred and studied abroad…I feel like I’m just starting to be comfortable here and now it’s time to leave. I’m excited because it is another chapter of my life, but nervous because it’s really time to be a big kid.”


feature photos

An adorable ninja kitten prepares to strike.

Some pumpkins carved by Laura Strange.


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