September 9, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 1

How to spot a freshman

Opinion Editor

Look for these objects to spot a freshman.

We at The Georgetonian love freshmen. We also love to gently, good-humoredly tease freshmen, and we’re not above teasing upperclassmen who are reading this article with less than pure motives (cough cough cradle-robbing senior males cough cough). And so, we present to you, nine ways to spot a freshman.

9. Like many species, they travel in packs of four or more, perhaps because they’re scared to go anywhere alone. One friend may be good, but an entire hallway of acquaintances is even better! After all, as Rudyard Kipling once said, “The strength of the pack is the freshman, and the strength of the freshman is the pack.” Or something like that…

8. They carry a Skills Handbook. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry; it’s a giant $80 textbook-binder that you didn’t have to buy for a class that you didn’t have to take (Foundations). Unfortunately, many of our upperclassmen friends could do with further instruction in the practices of “inquiry, analysis, thought and expression” (which this class provides), but at least they won’t develop scoliosis from carrying the handbook in their backpack.

7. They have a general air of confusion.

6. They arrive 15 minutes early to class. This is also a good way to spot dorky upperclassmen.

5. In the case of girls, they look sweaty, but haven’t completed a workout recently. Knight Hall ladies are known to glisten due to a lack of air conditioning in their building. You may worry that, with the coming of fall weather, this rule won’t help you out for much longer, but worry not! Soon the overlyenthusiastic heating system will kick on, and the girls will stay just as sweaty.

4. They ask “Are you here for…?” or “Is this the ….?” or “Where’s the …?”

3. They refer to a professor as “my teacher.”

2. They have no idea when Cash EQ starts, and thus, have no Tiger Dollars left by early September.

And the number one way to spot a freshman…

1. They’re wearing a lanyard. This is both the easiest and most reliable way to spot a freshman—and hear one, depending on the number of keys attached to their lanyard. Sure, wearing your G-Card around your neck may be convenient, especially if you’re prone to losing things, but upperclassmen just don’t do it. A second-semester freshman may begin to catch on, and start wearing the lanyard over his/her shoulder like a purse, or hanging out of the pocket of their jeans.

Eventually, the G-Card moves to a pocket or Vera Bradley wristlet, and the lanyard is thrown into a box somewhere, never to be seen again.

Cooking Without a Kitchen

Staff Writer

Pictured above is Tyler Tkach’s delicious dorm room snack.

Have you ever wanted to cook something in your dorm room but just didn’t know where to begin? Dorm room meals are a great way to have fun and delicious food in the convenience of your own room.

This first recipe was shown to me by a classmate in high school, Tyler Tkach. It is great when you want a snack for you and several others.

All you will need is a bag of Tostitos scoops (regular or wheat will do), a bag of shredded Mexican four cheese blend and a package of lunch meat (pepperonis and sliced ham both work well).

Take a microwavable plate and place a layer of Tostitos scoops on it. Then sprinkle the desired amount of shredded cheese over the chips.

Finally, place your lunch meat of choice on top of each scoop. You will have to tear or cut the ham to fit into each chip, but pepperonis are about the right size.

Take the plate and place it in the microwave on high for 30-45 seconds. Wait about a minute for it to cool, then enjoy.

Ingredients List: one bag of Tostitos Scoops, one bag of shredded Mexican fourcheese blend and one package of either pepperonis or sliced ham.

The second recipe is one that my youth minister’s wife made for the youth group while at summer camp.

The chicken fajita nachos seen above are an excellent option when you get tired of Caf food.

It is a recipe for chicken fajita nachos. For this recipe you will need one-half pound of white American cheese, a half-pint of whipping cream, a bag of corn chips, a bag of Tyson Grilled & Ready Fajita Chicken Strips, one tomato and one bell pepper. If you like onion you are more than welcome to put that on your fajita nachos as well.

First, take the chicken and place it on a microwavable plate and cook on high for three to four minutes. Make sure you cover the chicken with a paper towel to avoid a mess.

While this is cooking, cover another plate with a layer of nachos. Next remove the chicken from the microwave and place the strips on the chips.

Next, cut the cheese into pieces and put it in a microwavable container. Then pour half of the whipping cream into the container with the cheese pieces.

Microwave the cheese and cream in the container until both of them are melted.

Make sure to stir this mixture about once every minute while melting. While the cheese sauce is cooking, cut up the tomato and pepper into small pieces and place them on the chicken and nachos.

When the cheese is melted, take a spoon and pour a layer of cheese sauce on top of the fajita plate. Then serve and enjoy.

Ingredients List: one bag of Corn Chips, one-half pound of white American cheese, one quarter pint of whipping cream, one bag of Tyson Grilled & Ready Fajita Chicken Strips, one tomato, one bell pepper and one onion, if desired.

I hope that you will enjoy the food and the fun that goes along with cooking in your dorm. Just make sure not to set off the fire alarm in the process.


Opinion Editor

Find McPeek for a free hug.

Whether you know Shawn McPeek by name or not, there is a very good chance that you have noticed him around campus—he’s the guy who seems to have a different hair style or color every week. McPeek’s Facebook profile explains this constant state of flux in a succinct way: “I am a creature of change.”

An Art major and Theatre minor from Pikeville, Ky., McPeek is a supporter and active participant of the Free Hugs Campaign, a movement for love and hope through free hugs offered to complete strangers.

Aside from his involvement with the Free Hugs Campaign, McPeek works with the John L. Hill Chapel’s Technology Team and serves as the assistant director for the Lyric Theatre Society’s (LTS) opera. His experiences with LTS have produced his favorite Georgetown College memory— traveling to Hawaii with last year’s opera cast to perform the show there. However, his favorite place on campus is found in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building. He says “Right now, I’m kind of digging the mini-golf course on the balcony of the art building.”

McPeek’s work with and love for LTS and the art department have made choosing a favorite professor difficult for him. He claims that the title of favorite professor is “a tie between Heather Hunnicutt and Daniel Graham,” and suggests that “We could make them duke it out for my affection.”

Looking back on his years at Georgetown, McPeek explains that his funniest memory, aside from his entire freshman year, of course, is relocating a Christmas tree from the PHA lobby to the volleyball court on South Campus. He describes the event by saying that “It was right before Christmas break and we had to get the live Christmas tree out of their (PHA’s) lobby and we noticed the volleyball court lacked its festive cheer. So we took the tree outside, dug through the frozen dirt and planted a Christmas tree for all to enjoy.”

One thing most people do not know about McPeek is that he loves to collect random silverware that he finds outside of kitchens because, as he says, “spoons and forks have pretty definite locations. I always wonder how they end up where they do.” His favorite piece of silverware was found in a tree on Giddings Lawn. It is possible, even probable, that his love of misplaced silverware is related to Dada, his favorite artistic movement.

In McPeek’s words, Dada “was an art movement that threw out the rule book. The people who made it never claimed to be artists and their art was never called art. It was reactions. They took things as basic as a found urinal and turned it into a pretty powerful statement.”

Looking forward to the rest of his senior year, McPeek says that he is most anticipating his Senior Show for art. As far as graduation is concerned, though, McPeek has mixed feelings. He admits to being “pretty bummed that I have to leave a place that over the past four years has become home to me, but I always love seeing what my future has in store for me.”

His post-graduation plans, decreed by his mother, are to take a Greyhound bus to New York City and not come home until he can afford it himself.

As a final word of advice to younger students, McPeek says to “talk to everyone and do everything. Life isn’t worth living unless you’re meeting new people and doing new things. Besides, you never know who will have what kind of impact on your life.”


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