November 11, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 9

GC Postsecrets posted on campus

Sports Editor

Earlier this month, the campus community had the chance to peek into the private lives of several students on campus.

During the week of November 1-5, PostSecret cards made by Georgetown College students were displayed outside the Caf as part of a project sponsored by the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. The previous week, the AGDs provided blank postcards for students to decorate with their secrets. Contributors then submitted their postcards for display on campus and online.

Junior Stephanie Sawyer thought of the idea for the PostSecret Project, and proposed it to her Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, who supported the idea. “This was something that was a unique way to unify students on campus, because when you look at the secrets that were posted, you can’t help but think about what the people around you are feeling and experiencing,” she said.

Sawyer was inspired by the ongoing community mail art project PostSecret, created by Frank Warren. People mail their secrets in anonymously on homemade postcards, and Warren collects these cards in books and on the PostSecret website. The postcards are meant to express secrets that the creators have never previously revealed, empowering the creators and those who read them. Warren posts Sunday Secrets each week on the PostSecret website, and has published five PostSecret books so far.

The original project has also served as a catalyst for many similar projects, including a PostSecret Livejournal community, and the secrets have found their way into popculture as well.

For their version of the PostSecret project, the AGDs publicized on Facebook and outside the Caf, and received 36 anonymous secrets. Though Sawyer said she wanted and expected more participation, she said that “with an event like this, it’s not about quantity. Each one of the 36 cards that I received was unique, revealing and genuinely interesting. It’s not my place to say that one person’s secret is more valuable than someone else’s.”

Sawyer did have several favorite secrets, however. “The one that touched me the most…was one that was pink with yellow ribbon and read, ‘EPN April 5, 2009 I wish you had been born,’” she said. “The reason that that particular card hit me so hard was because I knew that someone had been through something so profoundly and emotionally difficult that I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it. And that person is on this campus. I may walk by them every day. I may sit by them in class. It may be my best friend and I wouldn’t even know.”

Sawyer admitted that she submitted a few secrets, “but as to which ones,” she said, “that’s for me to know and Georgetonians to never find out.”

Although the PostSecrets have been taken down from display outside the Caf, they can be found on Facebook under “GC Postsecret Project Event.”

Students who missed out on the event this time around but would like to participate will have another chance to create and submit their secrets for public display on campus. The AGDs plan to have postcards available all the time outside of the mail room, so people can keep sending in their secrets to Sawyer at Box 1420. At various times throughout the semester, the AGDs will designate weeks to display the new secrets, along with some of the originals. For instance, students can look out for the love-themed secrets on display around Valentine’s Day.


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