October 21, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 6

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Songfest strikes again

Staff Writer

Exiting the Chapel, swarms of college students, alumni and a few professors and faculty gathered in a dozen interconnected masses. Songfest was over. The 19 step process proved exhausting, although extremely enjoyable, to watch—no doubt a hundred fold more so to create and perform. All around, students (performers especially) inhaled excitement and exhaled relief. Everyone has a Songfest story. Here are a few.

“We did it! We won Songfest!” exclaimed sophomore Katie Phillips as she jumped excitedly. Her house, Phi Mu, just broke their circle after 20 minutes of communal chants and tribal-esque celebration. Their skit, which followed Jane (sans-relationship with Tarzan) across the globe and eventually to the “jungle of Georgetown,” won “Best Theme Development” and contributed to winning the “Overall Homecoming (Female)” award. Phi Mu also received the “Best Bench” award. Meredith Cave credits teamwork as the key to Phi Mu’s success. A self-proclaimed “Disney junkie,” her mind immediately gravitated towards Tarzan when she heard this year’s homecoming theme. “After that,” she says “creativity took over and our Phi Mu sisters were able to create the story line.” She credits Meredith McKee for championing the finale in which every person involved came out and sang and danced to a jungle-themed parody of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.” This group wasn’t the only one that won an award and they certainly weren’t the only celebrating team.

Collier Hall entered Songfest as the underdog. Emcee Thomas Owens (who also stood forefront during the Step Team performance) in his introductory remarks for Collier’s performance said that year’s past Collier performances were “awkward” but this year’s was “actually really good.” In the beginning of the sketch, Collier performer Mason Head vowed to live up to Collier’s past performances. Team leader and Collierite Jonathan Yelton notes this was a joke and agrees with Thomas. Yelton remembers previous performances showcasing “eight minutes guitar solo[s]” or “a few Collierites writing a script and ordering pizza.” Not so this year. The four person Collier cast (three performers, one in a tiger suit, and one announcer) treated a roaring audience to a fastpaced montage of movie references spanning from Wall-E to Rocky. The entire performance was meticulously planned but left room for improvisation, as Yelton shares, “the buttmunch of Jurassic park and the little fairy boy was all, well . . . in the moment.” Collier walked out of Songfest with two awards—”Participant’s Choice” and “Most Comical.”

Songfest draws the best of students’ creative energy, organizational skills and teamwork for a unified effort. Perhaps the only reason students do not receive CEP/ Nexus credit for participation is because Songfest is too much fun to require an incentive for involvement. Freshman Catherine Foust described Knight Hall’s frustration in coordinating practices everyone could attend but happily noted “[w]e all combined our talents and made it work,” citing their Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme parody “Knight Hall Princess with No Air” as the creative fruit of this effort. Even skits which won no awards had their moments of brilliance because of creative cooperation.

Senior Stu Perry said the inspiration for Lambda Chi Alpha’s surprise “Love the Way You Lie” ending came to him when hearing the song on the radio one day. He shared the idea with his house and received creative help from friends in a sorority who helped “choreograph all the dances.”

Ultimately, it’s an experience that must be experienced to be understood—and it may only be experienced at Georgetown. Songfest is part of an old tradition but the poetry, music, acting and dancing witnessed is all the handiwork of dedicated, current students.

Collier Hall, top, was an audience favorite, winning both Most Comical and Participant’s Choice (Male). The Kappa Deltas, above, won Best Overall (Female) for the second year in a row, and Phi Kappa Tau surprised audience members by spoofing “Jersey Shore.”


Songfest Awards:
Best Musical Presentation: Independent Women
Most Comical: Collier Hall
Best Theme Development: Phi Mu
Best Choreography: Alpha Gamma Delta
Most Georgetown Spirit: Knight Hall
Most Creative: Sigma Kappa
Male Participants’ Choice Award: Collier Hall
Female Participants’ Choice Award: Alpha Gamma Delta
Best overall (Male): Anderson Hall
Best overall (Female): Kappa Delta
Best Bench Award: Phi Mu
Overall Homecoming Awards:
-Phi Kappa Tau (Male)
-Phi Mu (Female)
Homecoming Royalty:
Homecoming Prince: John Presson
Homecoming Princess: Lizza Jones
Homecoming King: Perry Dixon
Homecoming Queen: Becky Hellman



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