September 23, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 3

GC students go clubbing

Staff Writer

After the Involvement Fair a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked to learn that as a senior there are still so many clubs and organizations around campus that I don’t know about and have never even heard of. After talking with a few other upperclassmen, I realized I wasn’t alone. We have a fishing team? A dance marathon club? A Guitar Hero club? Okay, well maybe not the last one, but you could probably start one if you wanted to. So in case you’ve been a little out of the loop during your time at Georgetown College, here are just a few of the many things you can get involved in.

Georgetown College Bass Fishing Team

From left to right, Mike Huff, Vincent Timperio, Nick Huff and Clay Elliot, of the Fishing Team, show off their latest catches.

If the phrase “Wanna Hook Up?” on the back of a t-shirt doesn’t catch your attention then maybe the size of their poles will. The Georgetown College Bass Fishing Team was founded in 2009 by Clay Elliot, a man with a passion for fishing. “A lot of people have never been fishing before, which absolutely blows my mind,” says Elliot. His goal was to spread his love of fishing to others as well as take our college to various fishing tournaments throughout the country, which he has successfully done. The fishing team also gives back to the community. This weekend they will be volunteering at Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort for the National Hunting and Fishing Day. If you are interested in joining the team join their Facebook group, look for posters, or follow Clay on Twitter.

Campus Ministries

According to campus minister Bryan Langlands, pictured above, Campus Ministries is “a community of students who seek to embrace our campus family and create neighborhood (a space where the love of God and neighborhood can flourish).” So if you’re looking for some people to worship with or a way to help others grow in their relationships with God, this is the place for you. Campus Ministries is involved in Freshman Family Groups, Life Groups, Alternative Spring and Fall Break trips, and the Scroggins Park tutoring program, among other things. You can also attend Common Ground on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. in the Chapel. Feel free to contact Bryan or any members of the Campus Ministries team for more information.

United Nations Of Georgetown


UNG promotes multi-cultural awareness and understanding through intentional exposure to cultures outside of Georgetown. As president Victoria Engelhardt says, “It’s lots of fun and lots of food with a global twist!” UNG sponsors many cultural events each semester, such as the recent Understanding Islam Events and last weeks Chilean Independence Day celebration in the Caf. They have many more fun activities planned for this year so keep your eyes open for them. For more information contact Victoria Engelhardt or Emily Brandon (pictured above).

Campus Radio

Jordan Rowe, right, and colleague are shown here hard at work.

If you tune your radio into 93.7 WRVG, or put your T.V. on channel 2, you might hear the voice of Jordan Rowe as he plays another song or gives news updates. Rowe is one of the many hosts for the Georgetown College radio station. The station plays all kinds of music, from Modern Rock to Urban, and keeps the students updated on the goings on around campus and the world. They will even be doing live reports from the World Equestrian Games at the Horse Park. If you’re interested in trying your hand as a DJ, contact Jordan or Dr. Chris Nix for more information.


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