September 9, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 1

WOW Grille debuts on campus

GC’s beloved Grille emerges from its summer makeover nearly unrecognizable
Sports Editor

The new set-up of the WOW Grille includes new chairs and copious amounts of dazzling light.

In May, Sodexo and Georgetown College signed a new contract allowing them to move forward with renovations to the bottom floor of the Cralle Student Center. Formerly “The Grille,” this floor is now home of the World of Wings Café and Wingery.

Sodexo is a company that provides food and facilities management services for schools and universities, The WOW Café and Wingery is a Louisiana-based restaurant chain with locations on 22 Sodexo-served college campuses. Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky. added a World of Wings to The Rafskeller this year as part of their renovations, and Bellarmine University in Louisville has a WOW Café as well. Talk of renovation started several years ago, and GC wanted to bring in a new dining option to replace the Grille and compliment the other aspects of the Student Center makeover. “I think WOW was picked because it’s very modern…its demographic is the college student,” said Vince Swecker, Retail Manager of the WOW Grille, Mulberry, C-Store and concessions.

Along with the addition of the WOW Grille, the new GCSodexo contract included renovations to the food lines in the Caf, notably new signs and countertops. “We will have spent between 1 and 1.1 million dollars on the renovations to the Grille and the Caf,” said GC Dean of Students Todd Gambill, who explained that the vast majority of the money came from Sodexo as part of the agreement to renew GC’s contract with the food service provider.

Cash equivalency increased from $4.25 to $5 at the WOW Grille, although there are only four combos covered by cash EQ—the veggie burger, chicken tenders, quesadilla and Crescent City combos, all of which come with fries and a drink. Students can pay extra to switch out their side for other options, including Texas toast. Some menu items, like chicken tenders, wraps and burgers, overlap with the old Grille menu, but all the food served by WOW is fresh and hand-breaded, while many Grille items were frozen. The increase in quality does mean an increase in preparation time, but as the Sodexo employees adapt to the new menu, wait time for orders may decrease somewhat.

For those hoping to share their feedback about the new WOW Grille, comment cards will be returning, but the comment board is gone, at least for the time being. GC’s new rules about the hanging of flyers in the Cralle Student Center apply to Sodexo as well, so the comment board had to be removed. Signs cannot be hung on the walls, but must instead be attached to cork board strips placed in the Student Center. Alternatively, students can visit the GC Dining Service Facebook page, Georgetown College Caf! WOW employees are planning to update the page sometime in the near future.

GC added the game room and new flat screen televisions to the Student Center during the renovations, but these changes are not connected with the Sodexo contract. The C-Store also moved from what is now the game room to the area where offices were previously located. With the move from one space to the other came a downgrade in the number of products, but as Swecker explained, the most popular items from the C-Store are still available. “We sold maybe six toothbrushes a semester, and…we had drinks going bad,” he said.

While some items are no longer available, the C-Store essentials are still being sold. Some students have taken to calling the new, slightly smaller C-Store the “C-Stand.” To express your opinion on the WOW Grille, please visit


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