November 11, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 9

International Education
Week promises to
broaden horizons

Copy Editor

Students at Georgetown tend to get sucked into the Georgetown bubble and forget that there is more to the world than just our current home. Next week, students, faculty and staff will have that bubble burst as part of International Education Week. November 15-19 is International Education Week throughout America, and the Office of International Programs has many international events planned to expose the GC community to other cultures. The Caf is even going international for the week, having food from a different part of the world each day of the week. Monday is Asia/ Pacific, Tuesday is Europe, Wednesday is Latin America, Thursday is Africa and Friday is global food. Speaking of food, Friday night, Nov. 19, the United Nations of Georgetown will be sponsoring the annual International Dinner. Students, faculty and staff are all encouraged to attend. If you love to cook, you can bring an international dish with you (just let Emily Brandon know by Nov. 12) or you can buy a ticket for $5 in The Store between now and Nov. 19. This is a great opportunity to meet people who have interests in other cultures and might even be a good Friday night date, not to mention the fact that the food is always superb.

International students and students who have studied or spent time abroad will be exhibiting artifacts from their journeys throughout the week in the lobby outside of the Caf and inside during lunch all week. On Wednesday, Nov. 17, a much beloved event, the Latin Dance Party, will take place in the Grille at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18 is Celebrating Africa day, with a CEP/Nexus event entitled “Africa Matters” happening at 11 a.m. in the Chapel. That day there will also be a Middle East display board in the Caf and maybe even Henna tattoos. Friday, Nov. 19 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. will be the Opportunities Abroad Fair in the Hall of Fame Room. Come to this and learn ways to get out of the Georgetown bubble and into the wider world. The last event is the International Dinner, which will be held on Nov. 19th in the Hall of Fame Room from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Expand your horizons and learn about new cultures all next week during International Education Week. Also look up when you are walking around Giddings and down Memorial Drive; flags from around the world will adorn the light poles for the week.



Quilt Museum Event Honors Georgetown
College Alumni, Students

Former Governor Martha Layne Collins Featured Speaker

Dr. Wally and Mrs. Gerry Montgomery are hosting a reception for other Paducah-area Georgetown College alumni as well as families of current students on Thursday, Nov. 11, in The National Quilt Museum, 215 Jefferson Street, Paducah, beginning at 5:30 p.m. This event is also open to any high school students and their parents from McCracken and surrounding counties who want to learn more about Georgetown College’s academic programs, financial aid, and study-abroad opportunities. A highlight of the evening will be remarks by former Kentucky governor Martha Layne Collins, now an executive-scholar-in-residence at Georgetown, and the College’s president, Dr. Bill Crouch. RSVP 502-863-8041.

Press Release



Smoking chimps and frozen frogs

In an era where the serious rules the news, it is important to look at some of the lighter stories that grace us all and brighten our day.
News Editor

Matthew Nieveen thought his costume was a good idea and it was, until he made a bad decision.

Sometimes I just want to hit my head against the wall and escape from this society. However, as strange and wild as things sometimes are, we can always enjoy a good laugh out of it.

First we have Matthew Nieveen, a teen whose location wasn’t listed, who dressed up on Halloween as a human breathalyzer, which in its own right is pretty funny. What wasn’t funny was the fact that he was drinking and driving, twice the legal limit of .08, and he was a minor in possession of alcohol.

Further investigation by the arresting officer led to a bottle of vodka and a few beer cans in his truck. What was this kid thinking? Dressing up as a breathalyzer is funny, but don’t drink when you do it. Then you just look like a moron.

We all know that smoking is bad for you, but we never even thought about smoking by animals. Apparently they didn’t think about it in Lebanon either. This is a country that has very few animal rights laws and it seems that a chimp there has become hooked on smoking.

Omega the Smoking Wonder is all set to go to Brazil. Cage? Check. Marlboros? Check.

Omega, a 7-pound chimp that just turned 12, is heading to a sanctuary in Brazil where he will be in rehab. Omega’s job when he was a young lad was entertaining guests at a bar where he would smoke to please them. Omega’s lifestyle choice is suspect and now he has to go to rehab for it. I wonder if they will do a show on MTV about it?

Next, we have the joys of marriage. When your parents want you to get married, they really want what is best for you. I guess a girl in Taiwan thought that she was best for her, because she plans to marry herself.

Chen Wei-Yih felt she was under a lot of pressure to get married

Chen Wei-Yih is ready to get married and she will have herself all to...herself.

because she was 30 years old, but she never found a man that she wanted to settle down with. In order to get her parents off her back, she is set to be wed to herself. She has posed for photos in her gown, hired a wedding planner and reserved a banquet hall. She has invited 30 friends and some members of her family.

If you are like me, you grew up on bagged veggies and ravioli. Sure there was that one night in a week that mom would whip up a specialty like blue box macaroni, but most of the time it was quick and easy.

Tim and Marty Hoffman of Grand Ledge have the same idea when it comes to things, although I think they will think twice before buying frozen veggies again. Why you might ask? Well, they found a frog in their vegetable medley. Yep, they sure did.

It’s a nice frog, but it’s frozen in the bag of veggies. It’s really the principle of the matter.

Tim was in the bathroom when Marty started screaming one morning when she opened the bag and saw a baby frog, frozen solid, sitting on top of the veggies. They weren’t after any money and won’t sue anyone, they simply want to get the problem fixed and get a new bag of veggies. There’s not much to say about this one: frozen frog in frozen food. Yuck.

Lastly, we have a 35-year-old civil servant in Palestine who has over a dozen snakes, including several very large pythons.

He recently decided, for the safety of the neighborhood kids, that he needed to get rid of them. He released them in a remote area of the city where they could wander off. It seems that a little girl found them. She decided to take a ride on the python down the street. The girl’s parents won’t take any action with the man, as it was only an accident.

The little girl, whose name wasn’t mentioned, didn’t have a problem hitching a ride from a 15-foot snake.


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