October 21, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 6

GC football wins despite defensive lapses

News Editor

It goes without saying that Saturday’s Homecoming game against Pikeville College wasn’t exactly a defensive battle, but more of a good old-fashioned shootout. The stage was set for a great game and you couldn’t ask for better weather for a Homecoming game.

Pikeville came into the game looking for their first win on the season, and Georgetown was looking to keep control of the Mid-South Conference. So far this season GC is unbeaten in the conference and is in control of the MSC East division. Pikeville was sitting at the bottom of the barrel in the MSC and that didn’t change after they sustained their seventh loss of the season. This game featured two offenses that played well and two defenses that really didn’t.

At the start of the game many fans were wondering whether or not GC would be mentally prepared for this game following a huge win last week against MSC rival Campbellsville, 52-21. Those questions were answered on the first drive when Kaelin Ammons delivered a strike to Chris Gohman from 33 yards out for the quick 7-0 nothing lead. After the first drive, the flood gates opened and everything on offense started to click. And both defenses fell apart.

From this point on, defensive stands were few and far between for both teams as both offenses went on a tear. Pikeville scored the next three times and was up 17-7 before GC could score again, when Gohman hauled in another pass from Ammons from 21 yards to cut into the deficit with 5:18 left in the half.

The half would be far from over however. Pikeville and GC would both each score twice within the remainder of the first half. The score at the half looks like the end of most games, 31-28 in favor of the away team, but this was only the halfway mark.

Coming into the second half GC was ready to give the home fans what they wanted: a win. However, Pikeville would take the air right out of the crowd as they took their opening possession down the field for a touchdown from 53 yards out. The ground game was the winning combination in the third quarter for the Tigers and they racked up a lot of yards in doing so.

Blake Naylor had a five-yard run, Randy Doss had a two-yard run and Logan Osborne had a one-yard run which all helped GC cut into the deficit. GC was able to take the lead at 56-52 for the first time since it was 7-0 after the first drive. GC’s defense had to step up eventually and it did so in the fourth quarter. GC’s offense continued to do its job well into the fourth quarter, scoring twice to put the game away. Bennett Gatto had a three-yard run and Kaelin Ammons threw his fifth touchdown of the day to cap off the scoring for GC.

At this point, things were just getting ridiculous. GC basketball, I mean football, was really hitting Pikeville hard with these two scores as they went up 70-52. Pikeville added a score late, but that was the only time they were able to move the ball against the GC defense in the quarter. So after all the smoke cleared and the defenses picked themselves up, the final score was 70-58. Talk about an explosion of offense; wait until you see the numbers for the game.

First downs: Pikeville-28, GC-35. Rushing yards: Pikeville- 120, GC-218. Passing yards: Pikeville-607, GC-480. Total offense: Pikeville-727, GC-698.

Overall, there was 1,425 yards of offense with Pikeville averaging 10.2 yards per play and GC averaging 8.1 yards per play. GC’s offense ran 86 plays and Pikeville ran 71.

The truly amazing thing about all of this is the fact that GC never punted the ball, not once, and Pikeville only punted twice. This is a stat that you don’t see often: 927 yards on kickoffs. There were almost 1,000 kickoff yards in a single game. I wonder how often that has happened.

Here are two stats that were very low that really are surprising: only two turnovers and three sacks. The ball was put in the air 83 times and was only picked off once. Both quarterbacks played great and the stats show that.

GC’s next game is on the road against West Virginia Tech this Saturday at 1:30 p.m. This is another huge game in the MSC, and GC seems primed on offense to put up big numbers for the third straight week. This team looks poised and ready to make a deep run in the NAIA National Tournament. All they need to do is finish the season strong and keep up the good work.



Men’s and women’s basketball
prep for their season

News Editor

The women’s basketball team line-up this year includes Kourtney Tyra, the former MSC Rookie of the Year.

We all know that football is in right now, but it’s almost time to hit the hardwood. Winter is coming and GC basketball is primed to perform this season on both the women’s and the men’s sides.

On the men’s side, they are the pre-season favorite to take the MSC crown. GC graduated three key seniors in Hollis Giles, Kyle Saxton and Jamel Ferguson, but they are poised to make a huge run with some great talent returning.

Eddie Gray, Vic Moses and Vincent Crutcher are three returning starters and are helped by a lot of talent around them as well. Coach Happy Osborne is excited to return to action this season and showcase some of his talent and some of the talent he has acquired with transfer Rodney Haddix, Aaron Morris and Tyrone Shelley.

This team is big, fast and extremely talented and is ready to start the season. They finished 26-7 last season and won the MSC Tournament Title last season and is hoping to make a deep run in the NAIA National Tournament.

The women, on the other hand, aren’t picked as the preseason favorite, but they aren’t letting that get them down. They are determined and have all five starters returning this season, both of which help them make a good run at the title.

The big name in this lineup is Kourtney Tyra, who was the MSC Rookie of the Year, All-Conference member and Honorable Mention All-American last season. She plays point guard in this lineup that started together most of last season: Jessica Waddle, Emily Drees, Gina Beining and Mikkah Rogers.

These girls are looking to prove the polls wrong and make a splash in the MSC this season. They went 18-12 last season and 9-5 in conference play. Campbellsville grabbed the top spot in the women’s poll, which went 14-0 in league play last season. There is no doubt that these two teams are anxious to get back at it after a long off-season. Be prepared for Tiger basketball.



Men’s soccer earns 3-1 win
over Pikeville

Riley Williams looks for someone to pass to in a game earlier this season.

Georgetown College men’s soccer team picked up its third win of the season and second inside the conference Monday in Georgetown.

The Tigers (3-11, 2-4 Mid- South Conference) jumped out to an early two goal lead before defeating Pikeville, 3-1. The Bears (1-11-1, 0-7) cut the deficit in half late in the final 45 minutes, but got no closer.

Despite taking 23 shots in the first half, GC failed to find the back of the net. However, Taylor Shaver broke the tie just shy of three minutes into the final half. The freshman hit a volley shot for a 1-0 lead.

Michael Martin added the insurance goal in the 74th minute off a pass from Brian Swanson. Swanson sent a through ball, splitting two Bear defenders, to a charging Martin, who connected on a crossing shot for the 2-0 advantage.

Pikeville made it interesting almost five minutes later when David Wright scored on a one-on-one with GC keeper Logan Willoughby. But Wes Jones helped the Tigers back to a two-goal lead with a driving shot with six seconds left on the clock.

Georgetown returns to action Thursday when it travels to Campbellsville.

GC News Bureau Press Release



Caution: you could get hurt

News Editor

Whoever heard of contact in football? That’s crazy. Let’s just protect the players a little more. That’s what the NFL is apparently going to do when it comes to helmet-to-helmet contact. This past Sunday was a big day for the NFL as there were four penalties for “hit to a defenseless reciever” called. Now, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but aren’t all the recievers defenseless? Check that, aren’t all the players defenseless? Have you ever heard of a blind side hit on the quarterback? Its because the quarterback can’t see the guy coming. What about a block in the back? The player can’t see the guy coming from behind and he hits him in the back, which is illegal in the game. For the NFL to talk about handing out suspensions for illegal helmet-to-helmet contact is insane because it is a contact sport and things happen.

Now, there is a difference when players start hitting helmet-to-helmet intentionally, but that rarely happens and when it does the player gets fined. The Commisioner just needs to sack up and realize that things happen in the game. You have adult athletes running around out there at very quick speeds and there are going to be injuries and painful plays, but adding suspensions to the game for something like this is his worst idea yet.

Here’s an idea: let’s take all the helmets away for one Sunday. Do you know what would happen? Those guys would still hit as hard and as fast as they could because they love the game and they live to play it. It doesn’t matter if you take the equipment away because that’s how much these guys love to hit and be hit. This game was just as rough back in the day of the leather helmets and you didn’t hear the owners of the league talk about concussions and injuries. These guys love the game and adding suspensions into the mix will only make the game slow down, put fear in the players and take away from the raw power of the game. Listen up Commisioner: drop this idiotic idea and let the guys play. It’s football, there’s going to be some contact. Get over it.


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