September 23, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 3

Jets can’t fly

News Editor

Is it really that hard to obey the law? What makes superstars think that they are above the law? Well, Braylon Edwards thought that he could drink and drive, but the police in New York thought differently.

Edwards was pulled over at 4:47 a.m. on the west side of Manhattan, not because he was swerving, but because his vehicle had excessive tint to it. Who would have guessed?

When the arresting officer asked Edwards whether or not he had been drinking, he simply responded, “I’ve had a couple drinks.” I don’t guess the excessive smell of alcohol gave it away.

The officer, Armando Urbina asked Edwards if he was familiar with a breathalyzer test. He said he was, but asked why he wasn’t undergoing a field sobriety test. The officer responded with, “that’s not the procedure in New York.” You know what they say about the big city.

Edwards wasn’t done yet, however. He did one better. He said, “How about I just leave the car and take a cab and go home?” That has to top the list of what not to say when you get pulled over, Braylon Edwards or not. Its not like Barney Fife was arresting him.

Edwards was asked to take a breathalyzer, blew a .16, and was arrested for driving under the influence. This isn’t Edwards’ first off-field issue. He was accused of punching a man outside of a nightclub in Cleveland in 2009. He was traded to the Jets a few days after.

Edwards was also stopped by an officer in Cleveland for going 120 mph in a 65 mph zone. Edwards wasn’t drinking, nor had been, but the unnamed person in the passenger seat threw up when the officer was writing the ticket.

In March of ‘09, Edwards wasn’t accused of anything, but wasn’t innocent either. He was with teammate Donte Stallworth at a bar in Miami when Stallworth killed a pedestrian while driving. Edwards wasn’t convicted, but suffered repercussions from the event.

Edwards isn’t the only issue with the New York Jets. The Jets seem to be a place where convicts can go to play football, just look at some of the players on their roster:

Santonio Holmes was recently traded to the Jets from the Steelers after the off-field issues got to be too much for Mike Tomlin and everyone in Pittsburgh.

Holmes was cited for possesion of marijuana in 2008, which got him a one-game suspension from the Steelers. However the trouble wasn’t over, when he either tested positive or failed to show up at a drug test which warranted the four game suspension this season.

Holmes also is a fan of Twitter, like most modern athletes, yet he has said some things that he shouldn’t have and the league took notice. He told one critical fan to “kill urself” and he also tweeted “wake and bake” citing marijuana use.

It doesn’t end here. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has also appeared in court multiple times with many paternity issues. Cromartie said he has seven children by six different women in five states. He hasn’t paid his child support and many of these women are filing suits against him.

The Jets are in a world of hurt and their image has suffered because of these things.

Tigers top Cumberlands

News Editor

The GC football team picked up a big win on the road this week against University of the Cumberlands. Cumberlands has been ranked no. 16 in the NAIA, but they hadn’t played an offense as potent as the Tigers. GC has had a good season so far, but they were looking for more.

The Tigers came into the game and took control from the beginning, leading 21-0 with seven minutes left in the first quarter. Kaelin Ammons completed a 13-yard pass and Blak Naylor ran in a touchdown for the first two scores of the day. GC then opted for an onside kick, recovered it and took it into the end zone quickly for a swift lead.

The game wasn’t over, however, as UC came back, scoring 20 points in the second quarter and shaving the GC lead down. GC wasn’t to be beat however. They continued to drive the ball down the field and put points on the board. UC came close with under six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, but GC responded with another touchdown drive. No matter what UC threw at them, they were able to respond. This was a big win for them and a huge win heading into their next game against Shorter University. Kaelin Ammons led the air attack for the Tigers, completing 13 of 28 passes for 227 yards and three touchdowns. The ground game was run by committee, but Bennett Gatto led the ground game with 89 yards on 11 attempts. This was a huge game for the team and they made the most of their opportunities. Great work guys!

Fantasy football explained

News Editor

The real football game doesn’t start on Thursday, Sunday or Monday; the game starts as soon as Monday night ends. For some of you, this will make no sense whatsoever, so I am going to keep it as simple as possible. What I am referring to is fantasy football.

This “game,” as some refer to it, is more than that: it is the waiting for updates, lying awake and dreaming of points; it is a game that keeps men from their women. This game is more to us than most could even imagine.

Now, for the other half of the people that are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, let me enlighten you. Fantasy football is when a group of guys—I’m not being gender exclusive, it just happens that way—get together and have a draft where they pick a team. The draft is very simple: there is a random order and each person picks in that order. The players are ranked by position (quarterback, running back, etc.) and are picked best to worst and running backs usually go first. After the teams are drafted they are put up against each other for the entire NFL season.

I bet you’re wondering, “what about the playoffs?” Or maybe you don’t even know what the playoffs are, and that’s ok; I’ll explain. The playoffs are at the end of the year in football, but in the playoffs, there are teams that don’t participate because they don’t qualify for it.

So what do you do with the players on your fantasy team that don’t make the real-life playoffs? Fantasy has already solved that problem. In order to ensure that all the players can be used in fantasy, the fantasy playoffs are four of the last five weeks of the regular season. The last week doesn’t count because most coaches are resting players and other things the last week of the regular season. Moving past the structure, we get to the real meat of the game: points. Points are scored by touchdowns, yards, pass completions, etc. It depends on the position of the player to how points are scored.

What makes fantasy so fun and exciting is pouring over the hours of stats and speculation everyday and making sure you change your lineup with every new update. It is very addicting and is a high point in every man’s fall season. One of my goals as a sports writer is to make people that aren’t familiar with sports aware of a few figures in the game. And wouldn’t you know, some of the top NFL players are also some of the number one picks in fantasy football this year. Here are some of those players:

1. Chris Johnson. Fresh off a 2,000-yard rushing season, Chris Johnson is back for more. He is the backbone of the Titans offense and was the number one fantasy pick for a reason.

2. Adrian Peterson. A.P. had a great season last year, rushing for 1,300 yards and 18 touchdowns. He has rushed for over 1,000 yards every year since his rookie year in ’07. He is a top pick in fantasy every year.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew. It’s no wonder why he’s a top fantasy pick: he’s the only option the Jaguars have on offense. He rushed for 1,300 yards in ’09 and is ready to be a top back in the NFL.

4. Ray Rice. Rice has been stellar ever since he came into the NFL with the Ravens. He is a consistent back that will put up good numbers, but will fumble every so often.

5. Frank Gore. Gore is a sleeper back simply because he plays for the 49ers. However he is a dominant performer in the spotlight. With an unknown quarterback the 49ers look to give Gore the majority of the offensive workload.

These are just a few of the faces that have dominated the NFL over the past few seasons and they were also the top five picks in several fantasy leagues. So hopefully, to the average fan out there, they know a little more about fantasy football and about some of the dominant forces in it. To the avid fan, well, hopefully you will win your league this year.


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