September 9, 2010 Volume CXXVIII Issue 1

Tiger athletes hit the field and court for fall sports

News Editor

Senior Chelsea Farley gives her all for the Tigers.

As summer winds down and the semester gets into full motion, athletics start to take form. From the field to the court, student-athletes are giving it their all because every game matters. There are many different events students can go to this semester and here are some updates for what sports are taking place right now.

There’s nothing like a good Saturday at the gridiron, and that’s exactly what the Tiger football team will bring you this year. The team looked great in last semester’s spring game, and they have looked twice as good so far this year, although they lost their first game of the season. The team traveled to Babson Park, Florida this past week to play some stiff competition and to get a little publicity for the orange and black. During this trip they played Webber International University, a team in the Sun conference of the NAIA. They started out the game slow, but were able to hang with the Warriors during the first quarter and took a small lead early on in the second, 3-0.

Then things went all wrong. The Tigers allowed 21 straight points throughout the rest of the half and late into the third quarter. Alex Kreimer was able to hit a late field goal in the third to cut the deficit to 21-6; however, the Warriors responded quickly with a 12-yard pass to close out the quarter leading 27-6. Starting the fourth the Tigers had a new swagger about them and rallied off 14 straight points from a pick returned for a touchdown by freshman Patrick Dougherty and an air connection from Kaelin Ammons to Coty Minnis. The rally fell short, and the Tigers fell 27-20. Their next game is this weekend on the road against the University of Cumberlands.

Another sport that has taken center stage in recent years at Georgetown is women’s soccer. The team played Lindsey Wilson in last year’s MSC Conference finals and have started the season 2-0 with big wins over Brescia and Cumberland. In their most recent game against Cumberland, the team looked especially good. Caitlin Williams had a breakout game for the team, scoring three goals, all of which were her first collegiate goals. This game was a great one because they not only shut-out their opponent, but they took 25 shots on goal. Good things happen when you put the ball on frame, and these ladies proved it. They notched their second straight 4-1 victory and they have a game against Taylor University on September 11.

The women are not the only ones tearing up the field. The men’s soccer team also has their season underway, although things were rocky at the beginning. They are currently 0-3, with their most recent loss coming at the hands of Davenport University at the Fort Wayne Classic, 4-0. Their first game at the Classic was a better game where the Tigers fought hard, but still fell 2-1 to Aquinas College. Their next game is slated for Friday night where they will battle Union College at 8 p.m. in the Georgetown Classic Tournament.

These are just a few of the exciting things that have been happening on the field at GC this semester. There are many other sports coming up, so be on the lookout for updates very soon. Go out and support the Tigers as we kick-off the semester in style.

GC cheer squad goes co-ed

Staff Writer

Grant Harned performs partner stunts.

Something new is happening in Georgetown College athletics this year, but it may not be what you think. At this year’s Tiger athletic events, specifically football and basketball, you will see a co-ed cheerleading squad. There are two male cheerleaders on the squad this year, Dale Young and me, Grant Harned.

So what does having a co-ed squad mean for Georgetown? It means the addition of partner stunting, higher basket tosses, and many other fun and exciting things to watch at games and competitions.

Dale and I are both partner stunters and to a degree tumblers. Partner stunting involves one guy tossing a flyer, the girl, into the air and catching her in various stunts. Tumbling is the cheerleading word for doing flips. If you want to see an example of these skills come to either a home football game or basketball game.

Dale is a senior at Georgetown this year and has extensive experience in the athletic department, participating on the football team, track and field team, basketball team and serving as a personal trainer to students and faculty in the Fitness Center.

It is no surprise that Dale decided to try his hand at the physical skills of cheerleading. Dale first began to consider cheerleading after attending one of the squad’s competitions and decided it was something he wanted to try. He said, “It was something new, exciting and challenging.”

My beginnings in cheerleading were slightly different. My high school had always been an all-girl squad. At the beginning of my sophomore year, four senior girls asked me to be on the squad. Naturally, I said yes. I participated in cheerleading for three years in high school, along with track and field and baseball. Upon hearing that Georgetown was trying to start a co-ed squad, I decided to try to continue cheerleading in college.

This is Jessica Ryan’s first year to coach cheerleading at Georgetown. She is very excited about the co-ed program and hopes to recruit more guys for next year’s squad. If anyone is interested in joining the cheerleading squad they should contact Coach Ryan.

By going co-ed this year, Georgetown followed the trend of many other schools in the Mid-South Conference. In early February, Georgetown will be hosting a competition here on campus. The conference competition is in early March, followed by Nationals in April. More details about exact dates and times will be avaliable closer to time of each competition.

College football back in motion

News Editor

We all know what time it is. As Kenny Chesney has no doubt let you know by now, the “Boys of Fall” are back in motion and college football has kicked-off. There were some good things this weekend (Jacksonville State beating the SEC) and there were some bad things (can Florida snap the ball?) as well. After all was said and done, however, it seemed as if the opening weekend went as planned, for the most part. Here are the top headlines from the weekend:

1. Good days for Big Blue? Has Rich Rodriguez finally got something going in Ann Arbor? For the last two seasons, he has been disappointing in every direction. His first season was plagued by violations and bad blood from West Virginia and his second season was just plain awful. He hasn’t defeated any rivals, he hasn’t recruited, and he can’t control his players. However, with one game under their belt in 2010, a 30-10 beating of Connecticut, they look really, really good. Denard Robinson torched the UConn defense with 188 yards through the air and 198 on the ground and the defense looked good as well. However, injuries plagued the team after the game and they have already lost three starters for their game at Notre Dame this weekend. Is this promise for Big Blue?

2. The decline of the Big East Well, so much for the projections. Number crunchers and analysts were picking the Big East to be a good conference this year. Four teams were in the top 30 with two in the top 25 (Pittsburgh and West Virginia). However, after this weekend, things won’t be quite the same. Syracuse, a team that played former Duke point guard Drew Paulus as quarterback last year (he didn’t pan out so well), got the only win of the weekend over Akron. Pitt lost to Utah, UConn got ran by Denard Rob…wait Michigan, Cincy lost to Fresno State and we all know who beat Louisville. I guess they all figured out why you play Cupcake University and Ho Ho Community College. You have to give yourself a chance to start out on the right foot. The Big East stepped off a cliff.

3. Suspensions The NCAA is at it again. North Carolina had to take the field in the biggest game for that program in a long time without eight of its normal starters because of ridiculous suspension. I am all about team mentality, but there is no reason a team should suffer on the field because of a couple of idiots who make bad decisions. This ruined what could have been a marquee game. Granted, the game was still good because UNC quarterback T.J. Yates played like a champ, but still, give the guys a break. These players are under so much scrutiny it is impossible to not screw up. The NCAA needs to figure out another way to deal with these types of violations. When it comes to grades or academic integrity, this is a good course of action, but the game shouldn’t suffer because of a dumb rule. Alabama has to figure out how to play with Marcell Darius because of a 2-game suspension for “improper agent benefits.” Right.

4. Boise Broncos Another year, another Bronco storyline. Will this finally be the year that the Broncos make it to the BCS National Championship game? I know it is a little early to be talking about this in the first week, but why not join the rest of America and talk about it the whole season? Boise will not make it to a national championship game until they are in a better conference. Heck, the PAC-10 is better than anything! I would take a one-loss SEC team or ACC team before I took Boise to the National Championship. Even with their impressive win over Virginia Tech on Monday I still wouldn’t put them in the title talk. But who knows, they haven’t lost a game in two nearly two seasons, so the computers could show them some favor. Don’t hold your breath though.


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