September 14, 2011

Georgetown’s newest Tiger: Gus the Bus

Staff Writer

There are hundreds of new faces on campus; one in particular has a classic white body, a shiny new grill and set of fresh tires. Georgetown College welcomes Gus the Bus into the motor pool transportation family.

Plans to purchase Gus began when it was realized that his fellow companions in transportation, Mary, Ruth, Isabelle and Bertha (all older Ford models), had each acquired at least one-hundred-thousand miles over the past few years. With the help of Gus, the mileage of the combined buses will not rise as quickly and will prove helpful when there is a high demand for transportation. The other buses are able to seat from a range of 12 to 25 people; however there have been issues with distributing weight. This caused the removal of one row of seats on one bus. The concern for safety played a major role in the decision to purchase Gus a couple years ago. However, funding for the purchase was not approved until this scal year. As soon as there was nancial clearance, a trip to Nashville was made to scout for a new addition to Georgetown College’s transportation crew.

Credit: Maddy Fritz Gus the Bus is the only male member of Georgetown’s fleet.

Similar models were considered, but ultimately Gus’s design was specically chosen to have parts made by Federal and Ford manufacturers. Gus’s unique 2011 features make him stand out from the rest of the eet. Passengers can take advantage of the additional rear and overheard storage to place their belongings or stretch comfortably in their seats due to the extra six feet of length on the bus. Another signicant difference between Gus and the other female buses is the copilot passenger seat. This companion copilot seat is a rather complimentary feature to have, as it simplies the often misunderstood processes of giving directions, or being able to hear the driver’s instructions.

 Another change in transportation that has arisen recently deals with who is and is not allowed to drive. Drivers now must have a commercial driver’s license in order to drive any of the buses, and are preferred to have experience in with this profession. One may ask, “Where do these buses travel to exactly?” The answer is just about anywhere you can imagine. These trusty buses travel near and far, transporting students to and from sports competitions, eld trips, freshman orientation service projects, academic events, or any other event sponsored by campus organizations.
“I’ve ridden in Gus, and he rides like a bus!” explains Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services Kay Blevins, who played a role in supervising the purchase of Gus. “Definitely after seeing this bus and using this bus there has been positive feedback.” Paula Faught from the Auxiliary Service Department gave me a rst-hand look at Gus, and attested to Gus’s excellent and satisfactory driving performance.

As for future goals for Gus, Faught hopes that sponsors will soon take advantage of the opportunity to “dress” Gus as uniformly as his sister buses to show Georgetown spirit, but as for right now, Gus sits readily, happy to embark on any  journey that awaits.

Staff Writer

 We’ve all done it…we’ve said hello to a familiar face around campus, without really knowing their name or anything about them. Who’s That Tiger aims to remedy that problem. Each week, a story will run in Features that highlights interesting facts about different faculty and staff members at Georgetown College. It’s that professor or Caf worker that you see all the time, but now have a chance to get to know better. Guess from the clues below to see if you can identify this Georgetown Tiger and win a prize.

1. This week’s Tiger is one of our own alumni who enjoys watching the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” because it makes them laugh.

2. For musical entertainment they listen to Latin and world genres, and dislike heavy metal bands. If they aren’t watching movies or listening to music, they partake in dancing, yoga, hiking and cooking.

3. When they need to reenergize from their busy activities, they love to eat mangoes and cilantro.

4. An interesting member of their family is an African gray parrot named Louis who is said to be “amazing, super social, and brilliant.” In addition to their very social bird, they also have a twin sister.

5. As a high school student their favorite subject was art, especially pottery. In the past years they have lived extensively on three different continents. These homes include Europe, Africa and North America. Needless to say, this is a well-cultured Tiger who is always busy.

If you think you know this Tiger you can contact the Georgetonian at georgetonian to submit your guess. One lucky winner will receive a prize. GO GEORGETOWN TIGERS!



Staff Writer

Sitting at a table in Asher, having a pleasant moment of introductions, a girl walks over to the table and asks for help on multiple problems of the impossible homework assignment. She was not rejected, although an interview was in progress. Instead, senior Sorna Kamara sets aside her moment in the spotlight to help her friend. This, in a nut shell, describes the character that Sorna displays.

Sorna Kamara may be modest when it comes to talking about herself, but one thing she is not shy about is her longing to help others. When asked what her dream job would be, Sorna stated that she would like to use her education as a Chemistry major to be a doctor in the mission eld. Sorna is passionate about underserved areas. She gets teary-eyed when she talks about hunger throughout the world, or the fact that the U.S. takes advantage of all the skilled professionals we possess by not sending them other places to help. Sorna hates that other people go without and said that if she won the lottery, she would pay off medical school, pay off her twin brother’s schooling, and then donate half of the rest of her prize. Sorna’s main goal is to help others.

Source: Sorna Kamara, second to left, is “courageous and focused.”

Although she moved to the Lone Star state before her senior year of high school, she grew up in Pennsylvania. How did this Pennsylvania resident end up in beautiful Scott County? She says that she chose Georgetown College, like many of Georgetown’s students, because of the “small atmosphere and the accessibility to the professors.” As a Chemistry major and Biology/French double minor, most would assume that Sorna doesn’t have any extra time for clubs or organizations on campus. On the contrary, Sorna is not only the Resident Director of Pierce Hall, but is also a member of the Student Health Advisory Council, the Student Mental Health Advisory Council, Ambassadors of Diversity, American Chemical Society (ACS), the Pre-Health Association, and is a President’s Ambassador. President Crouch said of Sorna, “I didn’t realize when I met Sorna what a powerful individual she was. Nor could I have ever anticipated the impact she would have on Georgetown College and my life. Everyone could learn from Sorna about what it means to be courageous and focused.”

Along with Sorna’s already colorful resume, she also had the high honor of being nominated as a student to participate in the Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP), which partners with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) for a summer program in California. After being nominated, she had to diligently work through the application process to get accepted. Of course, Sorna—being the motivated young woman she is—was accepted out of many other nominees. This summer program strives to provide students with the opportunity to work hand in- hand with professional scientists. The EXROP HHMI program entailed a distinguished internship in which Sorna had the privilege of getting to work with scientists on their research.

After Sorna modestly spoke about her overwhelming academic and social achievements, she moved on to the quirky things that make her the genuine person she is today. When asked what she does for fun, Sorna admits that she is a fan of reading, along with playing sports; she plays all of the intramurals GC has to offer.

Sorna’s closest classmates would describe her as deliberate. She takes her time with everything so that she can put forth her best effort. But Sorna, when asked to describe herself in one word, chose the term “driven.” As a driven student, Sorna has thoroughly enjoyed her years in college, but when questioned about her favorite CEP, she replied with a giggle, “Is graduation a CEP?” Although being a senior has ofcially hit Sorna, she does admit that graduation is going to be bittersweet. There are, of course, things that she will miss. Sorna’s most valued experience has been getting to know the faculty and staff of Georgetown College. She claried that “it’s not about one experience; it’s about the relationships built over four years.” In Sorna’s time at Georgetown, she says that she has grown to be more outgoing and willing to speak to people that she doesn’t know. Sorna admitted that, if she had the opportunity, she would go back to her junior year and focus more on classes rather than extracurricular activities. The advice Sorna had to offer underclassmen was simple, but extremely important: “Enjoy your time here. Don’t slack off. Have fun, but work hard too. Oh, and get involved. Then you get the best rec letters.”

Sorna’s next step is graduate school, followed by medical school. This Georgetown senior is concerned with one thing: bettering herself daily so that she can help others more efciently. Senior Sorna Kamara has already touched many lives with her beautiful kindness and huge heart, and the end to her compassionate ways is nowhere in sight.


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