November 30, 2011- Issue 11 Features

Christmas behind the scenes

Staff Writer

From the audience’s point of view, the productions performed at GC just seem to flow as if out of thin air. They never really take into account the hard work that went into putting on the show. Any actor will tell you that until the first night of the performance, there’s nothing but utter chaos on that stage. Between costume changes, stage cues, memorizing lines, make-up and hair, timing and sound checks, even the thought of breathing tends to be pushed aside.

This doesn’t even include the infamous Tech Week, the week prior to the opening of the show that seems to eliminate all ideas of sleeping altogether. As a fellow actor, I can tell you that putting on a successful production far from being magical.

A specific play that holds a special place in my heart is the comedy that Maskrafters is performing this December called “Merry Freakin’ Christmas.” The cynical plot line about the destruction of the Christmas season through commercialization is sure to become more memorable than the story line of “The Christmas Story,” though it is not appropriate for younger audiences.

Come see “Merry Freakin’ Christmas” and I promise that all the tears and laughter you will have during the show will be more genuine than the fake commercialism of the holiday season we are portraying.

Copy Editor

Last week’s Tiger was Angela Taylor. Her titles include Associate Dean of Students and Director of Greek Life and Student Accountability.

She has been working here for six years, but has been a part of Georgetown College even longer than that. She received her undergraduate degree from GC in 2003 and she went on to receive her Masters at the University of Louisville, and is currently in the dissertation phase of attaining her Ph.D, which she expects to get in 2012.

In March, Angela will be celebrating her seventh year of marriage to Steve Taylor. The two will soon be three- Angela is expecting her first child in June! She and her husband just moved into their first home with their four-year old dog, Pepper, a Basenji-lab mix.

She has always had great relationships with the students, even going to three of the “Twilight” movie premieres with some. “I love what I do,” she told me. She says that one of the best parts of her job is watching students grow and develop throughout their college career and then seeing them graduate.

After college Angela was a traveling consultant for Greek life. She went to over 25 different schools along the East Coast—from Pennsylvania all the way down to Florida. She has always loved traveling and already has a long list of places she has been, from the beautiful Mt. Zion Park in Utah to countries like France and Spain. Washington, D.C., California, Dubai and Bangladesh are just a few destinations that are left on her bucket list.

While spending time in Georgetown, she enjoys going to the Thai Garden. She claims it is one of the best restaurants in town. She is on campus most of the time, either on the job, eating lunch at the Caf or walking her dog. Next time you see her, don’t be afraid to stop and say hi and let her know what an amazing job she is doing!


Source:Andy Russell Andy is an avid supporter of his girlfriend Natalie’s sorority, Kappa Delta.

The Senior Spotlight of this week is one of the Georgetonian’s own, Sports Editor, Andy Russell. Andy’s interest and dedication to sports and the resources from Georgetown College have provided him with a proactive foundation upon which he plans to build a rewarding career.

This Richmond, Ky native is a Communication and Media Studies major with a liberal arts minor. He is thankful for the opportunities that have been provided to him at Georgetown College, especially within his major. “Everybody in the Comm. Department has given me opportunities to succeed,” he said. A class that Andy has greatly benefited from is Public Relations, taught by the late Dr. Bill Gillespie, which is the field he plans to go into after graduation.

The support and experience Andy has gained is not limited to inside the classroom. For the past two years, Andy has been building on another opportunity outside of the classroom, and one that directly affects his future career in public relations. “I applied for an internship to work at the training camp for the Cincinnati Bengals last year,” Andy said. It started out as a temporary work experience during the Bengal’s camp at Georgetown, but his job was extended into the regular season, where he has been able to work all ten home games. As an intern, Andy upholds starting player relations and retrieves post-game quotes from coaches and players. Thanks to the good work ethic and dedication Andy has shown the Bengals, he will be receiving a letter of recommendation from their PR department, which is a key factor that the NFL looks for when making hiring decisions. He hopes to continue working for the Bengals after graduating next May. “My ideal job would be head of PR for the Bengals; they work five days a week and get paid to watch football. You can’t beat that.”

Andy’s job as a sports editor for the Georgetonian has also played a role in his career interests and passion for football. He began as a staff writer his freshman year and quickly advanced to Sports Editor his sophomore year when the position became available. He has really enjoyed working for the Georgetonian for the past four years, and appreciates the experience he has taken away from it. “My job with the Georgetonian has definitely helped me. PR people do a lot of writing for press releases, and I feel that the Georgetonian has prepared me in some ways in that respect.”

Apart from writing for the Georgetonain, Andy is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and Lambda Pi Ata (the

Source: Andy Russell Andy (left) loves spending time with brothers Devin Rogers (center) and Drew Davenport (right).

Communication Honors Society). He received Associate of the Year through the fraternity his freshman year, and is looking forward to graduating with honors with a 3.5 GPA. Even though he is surrounded by football in his life, he is also a fan of golf and has played for eight years. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football and basketball, fihing, golfing and spending time with his girlfriend, Natalie. Even though Andy reps the Florida Gators while Natalie supports the Green Bay Packers, they both share an equal love for football and commitment to each other. Andy reflects that if he could go back to any time in history, it would be to watch the Green Bay Packers win the 1967 Ice Bowl Championship Game.

From academic excellence, a committed relationship, and an outstanding internship, it is clear why Andy describes himself as hardworking, honest and loyal. “I am most passionate about doing my personal best about everything I do. It doesn’t matter how small or large the task.” This admirable quality was instilled in him by his father, who he looks up to for the way he has taken responsibility in all that he does. Andy also leads his life by one simple quote by the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi: “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”


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