November 9, 2011- Issue 8 Features

Facebook is more than a place to creep

Copy Editor

Facebook is finding a new purpose for several Georgetown College students these days. It is creating a sense of community on campus.

Recently, two Georgetown groups surfaced on Facebook, one called Quote My Georgetown Professor and the other called the Georgetown College Book Exchange. Quote My Georgetown Professor, created by Jamie McClard last fall, is a place to share the funny things your professor says in class. McClard says she created the group because she found that she spent a lot of time quoting professors in her Facebook statuses and thought there should be a place for students to share similar stories. She also says that she enjoys quotes from Dr. Dummer the most. Alan Royalty says that he likes the page because, “it’s a good reminder that the professors are subject to humility just as much as students are.” The group currently has about 142 members who keep it going daily with comical quotes from professors.

Another group that has helped to create a sense of community on campus is the Georgetown College Book Exchange. Created by Leanndra Padgett, the group helps keep students out of further debt by giving them an alternative to buying books at The Store. “It is ridiculous to buy new books and it can be complicated to find the best deals on used ones,” Padgett says, “I know that there are people on campus who want to get rid of their old books and people who would appreciate using them.” She says she thought the group would be a great way to eliminate the “middle man” in book buying. And it has definitely seemed to work.

If you look at the group’s page there are countless posts from students inquiring about books or responding to posts. Padgett says she has saved a significant amount of money from using the group and has even had people be so kind as to loan her books free of charge. “I am amazed by the generosity of members who let me use their books for free. I hope that projects such as this can benefit our GC community.”

As far as the possibility of other community building groups is concerned, McClard says that she would like to see a work study group where people can go to quickly find subs for days they need off work. She and Padgett both believe that Facebook can be a great tool for GC students, not only to use as a resource, but also to help us grow as a community.

Who’s that tiger?

Copy Editor

Our Tiger two weeks ago was Daniel Graham! Growing up in a military family, Daniel moved 16 times before the age of 25. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Florida and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia. He is a professor in the Art Department, teaching classes in sculpture and printmaking.

I had the pleasure of meeting Graham in an interview for this article, and found that he is a great storyteller. He told me about his wife Holly and how they met on a blind date set up for him the day before he left the state he was in. This resulted in a sweet, long distance relationship, with Daniel calling her every night for four hours (his phone battery only lasted that long). He would drive 10 hours to see her once a month, scheduling all his classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so he could be with her an extra day over the weekend. One and- a-half years later they married and they now have a two-year-old daughter, Olive, and a three-monthold son, Thatcher.

He built all of the furniture in his house himself. His idea of a fun night consists of staying at home and hanging out with his family, playing with his kids and reading books.

Graham is a very talented artist and you can see this as soon as you step into his office. He has had several exhibitions all over the world, including Hong Kong, New York, Japan and downtown Lexington. His ideas are genius; including creating a device similar to a record player from only wood and clear plastic Solo cups. If you do not know Daniel Graham already, he encourages you to sign up for one of his classes.

Guess next week’s Tiger:

1. Before ending up in the Bluegrass State, this Tiger started out in the Old Dominion State and also lived in the Sunshine State. (Before you start googling, the Old Dominion State is the lovely state of Virginia.)

2. A former skydiver, this Tiger likes to live on the edge and be spontaneous.

3. This Tiger could have been the next ‘Crocodile Dundee’ when they wrestled an alligator.

4. This Tiger has no fear when it comes to trying new things, and is even brave enough to eat barbecued rattlesnake!

5. This Tiger performed for the President of the United States of America (two presidents, in fact).

6. This Tiger has been on national television…more than once

7. This Tiger has 1487 friends on Facebook

If you think you know this Tiger contact, the Georgetonian at You could win Bengals tickets or another great prize!


Staff Writer

Many of us do not know how to handle change, let alone imagine living a life full of transformation. This week’s Senior Spotlight, Traci Dews, talks about the control she has and has not had over the adjustments that have led her down her uneven path of success.

Traci attended Owen County High School in Owentown, Ky. Throughout high school, Traci wanted to pursue a Pre- Med degree and applied to several other colleges and universities, including Bellarmine and UK. Traci found the Pre-Med degree and the close proximity of Georgetown’s campus to home appealing, and those factors played a role in her decision to choose Georgetown.

However, what finally made her decide to come to Georgetown was more of a last second change in plans. “It was a spur of the moment choice, just a school,” she said, “But it was the right choice.”

After Traci found herself settled among the college life and courses at Georgetown College, she ended up waving the Pre-Med plan good-bye. “I experienced my first religion class and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a religion major,” Traci spoke of her first religion course with one of her favorite professors, Dr. Terry Clark. When asked about some of the funny moments that stood out throughout her many classes with him, she laughed nervously and couldn’t tell of any that would be considered “appropriate.” She went into her first religion class with dread, but came out with a new passion. The Religion department has done more than just help Traci find her major: “Last year when my mom died, Dr. Clark and his wife were really supportive.” It was an enduring hurt for Traci to overcome, but the continuous support from the Georgetown College community, and especially the religion department, has helped significantly.

Aside from Traci’s passion in the religion department, she also lives out her passions in other areas of life. Traci is no longer in the Pre-Med program, but she is still a Biology minor. For anyone who is not a Biology major/minor but is looking into taking a Biology general education class, Traci recommends Dr. Henson’s 100 level course.

Outside of class, Traci is involved in the Student Government Association, The United Nations of Georgetown and the Inner Faith Club. Inner Faith is an organization that Traci brought to this campus. “It started last year and we really got it up and going,” she said. “Any student that wants to can join.” The club academically studies other religions, but isn’t limited to textbook and discussion-style learning. The club goes on trips to experience other religions firsthand. They have visited Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist communities, experiences that Traci finds soothing.

Although Traci has a deep passion for experiencing other cultures, she hasn’t made it to a different country…yet. Ideally she would love to spend time in India, whether it is independent studying or vacationing with her best friend Alex Weiser. As far as future plans in the post-college education realm, she is definitely considering graduate school. “I’m looking at Indiana University in Bloomington, Iliff Colordao, and also Western Kentucky University’s masters’ programs,” Traci mentioned. She plans on eventually getting a Ph.D and pictures herself teaching one day. “I want to teach religion and inner faith relations, either with the government or non-profit organizations.”

Time is flying by for Traci and almost any senior would agree. She is prepared to leave Georgetown behind, treasuring all the times that people from the Georgetown College community have been there for her. A little piece of advice she gives for those still cherishing their time here is to “always talk to everyone, like our campus safety officers,” she laughs while waving to Campus Safety Officer Frank. A lasting Georgetown memory she will forever remember is the Fall Fest concert in the Grille. A lot of her extended family traveled to spend quality time and enjoy the healing power of music, and she also got to meet with one of her favorite bands, Grooveshire. Overall, Traci cherishes having been able to meet new people and share laughter with friends over the past four years; “Especially Shakir Mackey,” she added, “He could cheer up a dying person.”


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