October 26, 2011- Issue 5

Knight hall Halloween coming soon

Staff Writer

Get out your costumes and sweet treats, because it is time to prepare for the tod- dlers and

tots that trick-or- treat through Knight Hall! This tradition has hung around for years and is waiting just around the corner to take over the freshman women’s residence hall. The face-painted monsters, foam muscle superheroes, and shy little princesses will be parading through the doors of Knight Hall from 5:30-7:30 p.m. this Thursday, Oct. 27. There will also be arts and crafts and other small games for the kids to play in the Tiger Den, located in the basement of Knight Hall.

The rest of the building will also be playing along. The second floor is decorating with Halloween-themed decorations, and the third floor is dressing up and decorating according to a Disney Princess theme. The guidelines are simple yet limitless. Residents are encouraged to participate in passing out candy to the youngsters and are welcome to dress up as festively as their creative minds allow.

Last year, for example, the first floor was decorated spookily with cobwebs, fake spiders, Christmas lights, scary music and there was even a movie projector that

played Halloween-themed movies during the night. The second floor went with a Wizard of Oz theme, complete with the Emerald City, Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, and the scarecrow. The third floor had a similar princess theme, complete with a life-size castle.

Resident Director of Knight Hall and Area Coordinator of Campus Ministries Ashley Babladelis, has seen and participated in numerous Knight Hall trick-or- treating Halloween events. “I was a student here—my first year was 2004-2005,” Ashley remembers, “But it’s been going on much longer than that!”

The cast of the “Wizard of Oz” made an appearance at last year’s Knight Hall Halloween.

Some of her favorite experiences and memories include seeing professors and staff with their kids. “It’s so fun that they get to come see where the first year women live and really opens up doors to a different feel. It’s different to see your professor in your residence hall, rather than in the classroom.”

This also gives Knight Hall residents a chance to interact with other students and the community. Ashley adds, “Students are typically in a bubble with other college students; it’s so fun to be around kids who are typically in really fun costumes!” The Halloween festivities are not limited to just professors and their kids; any family in the surrounding community can bring their kids to come trick-or- treat in Knight Hall.

Sophomore Kasey Carpenter participated in the Halloween event as a freshman living in the third floor of Knight Hall last year. “It was one of my favorite things of my freshman year,”

Kasey added, “We built this huge castle built of cardboard boxes and some colorful curtains. The creativity and spirit of all the girls really gets a chance to shine, and it is always fun seeing and interacting with the kids, especially when everyone is all dressed up.”

So catch a bit of the frightful Halloween festivities by visiting some of your freshman Knight Hall residents this Thursday night, and if you leave too scared, you can always have Campus Safety escort you back to your hall. You never know, something may be lurking out there! (Muah ha ha!)


Staff Writer 

There is no telling what direction conversation will flow if you ever get the chance to sit

Portia had the opportunity to visit the Parthenon last year while studying abroad.

down and chat with this week’s Senior Spotlight, Portia Watson.

Portia was drawn to Georgetown College par- tially because of its prox- imity to her hometown of Louisville, but more so because of what GC had to offer her. Portia was look- ing for something small with a tight-knit community. “I really wanted to go to a college where you can get close with your professors.”

Since arriving, Georgetown has provided many opportunities for Portia to get involved on campus with clubs and organizations such as the Student Abolitionist Movement, Greek life and the Honors Program.

She is an English and Cultural Studies major: “It’s an area major that I made.”

Portia is focused on her future; she is currently applying for two prestigious post-college programs, The Fulbright and The Peace Corps. The Fulbright is a very competitive scholar- ship program and the Peace Corps is just as intensive application. “I sent in my application about a mid- October for the Fulbright, and the Peace Corps is about a year-long process doing medical and legal reviews,” she explained, “There’s about 27 months of service you have to intend on committing to with the Peace Corps.”

Portia has received much help from her mother and professors on these applications, and she is anxiously waiting to see the outcomes of both so that she can plan the next steps in her life.

If she gets a Fulbright or a Peace Corps acceptance, Portia hopes to be teaching English in a foreign country such as Thailand, or other areas across Europe and central Asia at this time next year.

Ideally, she likes to picture eventually working with non- profit organizations, “Particu- larly,” she added, “Ones that focus on integrating refugees into the community with refugee ministry.” Edge Outreach, which works on making pure water and education available to those in need, is a specific program she would enjoy being a part of in the future. Along with small school size, the friendly environment and study abroad programs were also essential to her choice of college.

Although she is native to the city of Louisville, her life- style is anything but local. Portia studied abroad last fall in London, England. “I liked being independent and being somewhere completely new where no one knew me.” While abroad, she got to travel to nearby countries, including Greece, her favorite, which is pictured above.

Her individuality is influenced by a wide array of interests. Her favorite time of year is fall, and she hates cloudy, freezing weather. “I just got back from the Hilton Head trip so I’m not liking this bad, rainy weather,” she declared. Some of Portia’s hobbies are traveling, running, writing, photography, eating at the Thai Garden in Georgetown and not watching TV. “It may sound nerdy, but I don’t really watch TV.” Portia keeps an online blog; you can follow her at portianicolewatson@blogspot.com. She loves the band Coldplay and the movies Mona Lisa Smile and Slumdog Millionaire, and her favorite spot on campus is the Mulberry Café.

Portia and longtime friends Kelsey Barbato (left) and Thomas Owens (right) spend time together at the beach on Hilton Head Island over fall break.

Portia’s personality is charming, and you can’t help but be interested by everything that she says. Portia finds joy in life by forming and retaining quality relationships with other people. One person who never fails to make her laugh is her close friend Thomas Owens and the way he performs his sloth impression. When asked if there are any interest ing facts about her, she replied, “I have webbed toes. I like to use it as my random fact during ice- breaker activities.”

Aside from all of her career-related goals, one long-term goal she has is to be able to swim with whales. “I’ve always wanted to do that! As long asI do it before I die, I’ll be happy.” Other than that, she really wants to travel the world and just do the things she loves that make her happy.


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