October 5, 2011- Issue 4

Georgetown’s dirtiest tradition returns

Staff Writer

Attention dirt-loving, thrill-seeking students of Georgetown College: It is that time of year again. It’s time for the dirt dwellers who inhabit the residential area of South Campus to be gazing upon the beautiful left- over remnants of the only event that could possibly make many want to jump for joy and puke in the same moment. It is GrubFest time. For many, it’s an ongoing tradition that is not to be missed; for others who are GrubFest virgins, it is about time you got dirty!

What can you expect to wear to this traditional muddled event?

Plan to wear something that you would not mind getting any mar- inara sauce, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, vegetable oil or ketchup on—and don’t forget the mud! There will be a huge mud pit so you can bathe yourself free of all that disgusting food. Then as soon as you realize you are covered in mud, you can seek out the tempo- rary showers or maybe a water hose somewhere in the Quad, for all the hygienic ones out there. Be pre- pared to ght for some clean water; don’t worry though, it is all a part of the fun experience!

Although GrubFest is a sight that you must absolutely see for yourself, take some advice from some GrubFest veterans that know of all the slimy excitement that takes place in the Quad. Sopho- mores Kaitland Koester and Caity Hagan attended last year. “It’s a beautiful disaster,” Kaitland remi- nisces of the sloshy mud pit battle. “And it was awesome to get to throw mud at my roommate,” added Caity. Juniors Katie Phillips and Betsie Phillips have also attended Grub- Fest activities. “You have to get past that dirt-phobia and just let yourself act like a kid again,” says Katie. “You can make an ice cream sundae on someone’s head or try running up a hill that is doused in vegetable oil! My favorite is the tug-of-war in the mud pit and then getting to roll around in the mud afterwards.” Betsie also told of one her favorite GrubFest memo- ries, “I begged my best friend Ash- leigh Barker to participate but she refused and sat on the sidelines. She came up behind me and tack- led me into the mud.”

Don’t be the one stuck in your room; you can nd GrubFest activi- ties taking place in the Quad this Friday, Oct. 7, at 4 p.m.! Come to play, come to watch or come to tackle your best friend in the mud. Either way, you should come out to take part in the dirtiest form of fun on campus. See the picture collage below for more proof of the awe- some event that is Grubfest.


Staff Writer

Wherever life is taking her, whether it is to med school or a life centered on youth ministries, Georgetown College senior Katelyn Harris is on her way to a successful future.

Katelyn grew up in a Christian home in the small town of Williams- burg, Ky. Out of her small gradu- ating class of 53 students, Katelyn set the bar for herself academically. This Exercise Science major hopes to attain a job working with kids in Pediatric Occupational Therapy. She is currently exploring graduate school options and would like to eventually attend medical school.

If graduate school ends up coming at a later point in her life, Katelyn wants to continue working in a summer camp ministry in Louisville, Ky. Katelyn grew up going to Crossings Camp and began working at Crossings Ministries the summer after her sophomore year in college. For the past two summers, she has worked with Crossings as a counselor, she got a new group of campers to work with every week, helping facil- itate many outdoor activities. She described the camp experience as phenomenal and could not help but attest to how it helped her grow spir- itually, emotionally and deeply in her own faith. “I never really knew what it meant to be a Christian until I got to college; I grew a ton freshman and sophomore years,” she added about her own faith experience at George- town College.

Katelyn has definitely left her mark on Georgetown; over the past four years, she has impacted many lives through her involvement with numerous campus clubs, activities and organizations. She has been an Orientation Leader for the past three years, served as a Peer Educator her sophomore year, has served as Panhellenic Delegate of Phi Mu, and has been an asset to the GAC Traditions Committee for the past two years. Kate- lyn also served as a Gamma Chi during the 2011 recruitment and currently acts as the SGA Public Rela- tions Chair and IMPACT Communications Chair.

Katelyn loves taking part of Georgetown traditions, so it’s only natural that she was involved in as many home- coming events as time could afford, including Songfest, bench painting and also serving as the homecoming representative for Phi Mu. During half time of the Homecoming foot- ball game, it was announced that she had been chosen by the student body as this year’s Homecoming Queen. “I was incredibly honored when I got nominated,” Katelyn said. When asked how she felt when she won, all she could remember saying to herself was, “Wait… What? Justin Sizemore had already been called up to receive the title of Homecom- ing King, so I was standing there all by myself, twiddling my thumbs when they announced my name,” she explained, “I was excited. It was a cool honor because not only did I get to represent my sorority, but I also got to represent the student body as well.”

She treasures this experience, as well as others she has had in college include the Hanging of the Green, Chapel Day and playing Mafia in the chapel. These are among some of her favorite memories and traditions here at Georgetown College, and she is looking forward to the memories she will be making senior year. Katelyn has spent time outside of GC and her favorite traveling experience was the mission trip she took with her hometown church to Puerto Rico. “It was the first time I was humbled.” Katelyn was looking forward to spending face- to-face time impacting the lives of children and people; when she was assigned to many construction-related jobs, it changed her view about serving others. “For the first time in my life, I realized that not everything was about me.” Katelyn has been very thankful for the people who uplift and encourage her, “God has blessed me,” she states of the friends that keep her accountable and professors who invest their time in her. On an inspiring note, one final quote that Katelyn encourages others to live by daily is, “This moment is just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity.”


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