September 21, 2011 Issue 2

A day in the life of Dr. Crouch

Staff Writer

The website IT Facts reports that an average corporate user receives 99 emails per day. Dr. William H. Crouch Jr. receives approximately 300 emails in a 24-hour period. That fact alone should tell the student body of Georgetown College just how impressive a day in the life of our President is.

Dr. Crouch starts his day in The Rec. He uses this 45-minute block of time to be by himself and think. If something pops into his head that needs to be done, he will jump off the treadmill and contact someone to get his newest project underway. After Dr. Crouch has worked up a sweat, he walks back to his home to cool down. Along the way, President Crouch will stop and pick up any trash that he sees. He stated, “If I don’t care about what the campus looks like, how can I expect others to?” Dr. Crouch made it clear that as President, it’s important to show that there is no job on campus he wouldn’t be willing to do to ensure the success of the college.

When Dr. Crouch returns to his house, he sits down for coffee with his wife, Jan. Together, they read the paper, catch up on the news, and also just spend time with one another. After they’ve talked through the latest updates, Dr. Crouch heads upstairs to get dressed for another day. After about 25 minutes, he comes down the stairs, dressed for success in his typical business attire. Of course, one of his infamous ties is hanging from his neck.

With a day full of meetings, meetings and more meetings, Dr. Crouch will speak at length to approximately 20-30 people in a given day. He makes 35-40 phone calls every day, including “Happy Birthday” calls to GC employees. Dr. Crouch works hard to make sure that everyone is reaping the benets of a college that is the best it can be. Dr. Crouch has a lot of dreams for this school including new buildings, gaining more donors and most importantly: making sure that the college has its own identity.

A day in the life of our college President is one that most people would consider stressful, but for Dr. Crouch, it’s a passion. He loves spending time with students and staff and helping everyone, including himself, be the best they can be.

Today’s Tiger: Emily Brandon

Staff Writer

Our Tiger last week was Emily Brandon! Emily spent most of her adolescent years outside of the United States because her father worked in Burundi, Africa teaching the locals about agriculture.

A scary experience that she encountered while in Africa was the start of a civil war. She said that she was scared for people that she knew and guilty because being white she wasn’t personally threatened, but she could hear the chaos of gun shots and helicopters outside of her house.

I asked Emily how she came to be at Georgetown College and she said, “In Kenya you can’t do on campus visits.” So she chose a place where she could have family support. Her Uncle is Dr. Forman, who works here at Georgetown College in the Graduate Education Department. After graduating, Emily has stayed at Georgetown where she now is the Director of International Programs. She works with the international students as support and believes in building the multicultural community here. If you’re interesting in Studying Abroad check out the international house located on Mulberry Street.

If you’re wondering about Louis (the awesome African gray parrot) he’s still as social as ever! He keeps the family on their toes. Especially late at night when they get a glass of water. Louis likes to imitate gurgling noises (like he’s drinking from the glass) then at the end of his imaginary drink he says, “Ahhh.” Thanks, Emily for being our Tiger last week.


Guess next week’s Tiger:

1. This Tiger enjoys “old school” 70’s and 80’s music. Their current radio station is set on 105.5. They like anything from Bruce Springsteen to Michael Jackson.

2. When it comes to chowing down they enjoy eating fried chicken, frog legs, gator tail and deer.

3. As siblings go this Tiger has two brothers and two sisters.

4. #1 Saint’s fan who’s favorite moment on television was when the Saints won the Super Bowl.

5. This Tiger has had a lot of life-changing experiences: especially having a nine year old son named Kevin and surviving the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. They have come to love living in Kentucky with it’s warm, friendly people and its laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. They are glad that THIS is the place they came post-Katrina.

If you think you know this tiger contact the Georgetonian at



Staff Writer

Tennessee native and Georgetown College senior Chris Lord sports a Invisible Children t-shirt as we sit down for our casual interview. His smile shows the deep passion he has for helping others and inspiring people. Chris’s experiences with various forms of volunteer work have helped define him as a person.

High school is where Chris’s interest for helping others began to grow, “In order to graduate, I had to complete 100 service hours,” he mentioned. When he chose a college, he looked for a small Christian college outside of Tennessee, and Georgetown was the place for him. Chris admits he wasn’t the best middle school student, and tried to step up his academic potential in high school. After three years in college, he holds an incredible 3.8 grade point average. What keeps him motivated? He stated simply that he just hates making bad grades. The amount of studying plays an important key in making good grades, however “you can start to drive yourself crazy if you study too much,” he advises. You need to “Study, but don’t go crazy like I did. Make some memories here at Georgetown.”

THE GEORGETONIAN/ JESSICA FLORES Chris Lord visits with children at Alpha and Omega orphanage in Brazil.

When I asked Chris to use three words to describe himself, he chose dramatic, invested, and crazy. “Crazy is very vague but very accurate,” he assured me with a smile. As far as being invested, Chris explained how he has always been invested in the projects he takes on and the people he meets in his life, an important characteristic for the career field he is going into.

Although his dream job would entail professionally critiquing films, Chris aspires to become a Spanish teacher for high school students. He wants to focus mainly on students who live in areas of lower income and poverty that can directly benefit from his dedication to this profession. “I have had so many good teachers,” Chris explained about the importance of the roles teachers hold, “Inspiring people is really important; the youth will be the ones to carry on after us.”

Source: Lord is a proud member of the President’s House Association.

To highlight some of his noteworthy accomplishments, this Spanish and Sociology double major spent a semester studying abroad in Mexico, has been to Brazil three times, and speaks Portuguese and Spanish. There are many professors that he favors, but as far as the professors that have inspired him, Dr. Borrallo- Solis and Dr. Mergner were two individuals that he related to impacting his life. “Dr. Mergner’s class was one of the first classes I took,” he explained, “The first test I had, I had made a 98 or 100, and he told the class how well I did. It made me want to do really well in his class.” As for Dr. Borrallo-Solis, Chris admires how she never fails to show energy and enthusiasm in all her classes.

What are some things you may not know about Chris Lord? His favorite color is green. He is a member of the President’s House Association. His favorite meal in the Caf is Thursday’s Tortellini. His favorite fictional hero hands down is Batman. He has loved every Political Science Class he has taken. His favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting.” If he could take any dream vacation, he said he would travel all the Spanish speaking countries with his girlfriend of a year, Ashley. When asked how he felt about graduating, he replied that he didn’t like to think about it too much. “It is continually hitting me as the days go on. The past three years have gone by so fast, but for the most part, they have been great.” Chris insists he won’t miss the Caf, but one thing he will definitely miss about Georgetown College are his friends.


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