October 19, 2011- Issue 5

Bengals may not return to train at GC

Features Editor

For the past 10 years, the Cincinnati Bengals have held their summer training camp on Georgetown Col- lege’s East Campus Athletic Complex. Now the future is not so certain thanks to a new labor agreement that will only allow them to prac- tice once a day and the possibility of an 18-game season.

Bengals’ President Mike Brown told the Cincinnati Enquirer and Bengals.com that the main reason for using Georgetown College for summer training camp was the ability to rest in the East Campus apartments between practices.

Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Life Dr. Todd Gambill, the primary contact in negoti- ations between Georgetown College and the Bengals, said, “We want them to return and it has been a good partnership. We under- stand that they are evaluat- ing their options.”

One option being eval- uated is moving summer practices home to Paul Brown Stadium. While a nal decision has yet to be reached, the Bengals have already signed an agree- ment with UC to use their facilities during inclement weather.

If the Bengals do not host their training camp at Georgetown College next year, a loss of revenue will undoubtedly occur, but the possible loss was accounted for in this year’s budget. Georgetown College was aware of the possibility of the Bengals not returning and as such, the school’s budget does not count on them returning to campus.

While no final decison has been reached, the college is weighing other options for if the Bengals do not return. Dr. Gambill expects to be able to recoup some of the revenue lost by hosting additional camps which would be drawn by the addition of articial turf at Toyota Stadium. If the artificial turf is added, it will be paid for in part by an 11-year, $544,00 deal with the Scott County Board of Education that would let the county host a certain number of events on the field. A contract is still in the works.

Dr. Gambill expects a final decision regarding summer training camp to be made in the next 30 days.

GC student charged with drug trafficking

Copy Editor

Georgetown College junior Michael Syrett was arrested for drug trafficking on Friday, Oct. 14 at 4:37 p.m., according to the Georgetown Police Department.

The police were con- tacted by the United States Postal Inspector, who noticed a suspicious pack- age addressed to Syrett at his Georgetown College address. Syrett signed for the package.

Local newspapers and news stations, including WKYT, say that inside the package were 1,100 pills of the prescription pain killer Percoset, worth approxi- mately $33,000 on the street.

Syrett, who plays short- stop for the Georgetown College baseball team, has been released from jail on a $2,000 bond but is still under investigation. The Georgetown Police are charging him with trafck- ing a controlled substance, and he may be under federal investigation as well. The

22-year-old from Hunting- ton Beach, Calif. is sched- uled to appear in court next week.

Syrett’s status as a stu- dent will depend on the investigation results. The Georgetown College student handbook states “the stor- age, possession, or use of illegal drugs may result in immediate suspension of those involved and may result in prosecution by civil authorities.”

According to the hand- book, students who are accused of violating the stu- dent code of conduct will appear either in an adminis- trative hearing or a Campus Accountability Board hear- ing. Sanctions will be determined based on the hearing.

According to the annual crime statistics report recently released by George- town College’s Campus Safety Department, there were two arrests related to drug abuse violations on campus property in 2008. No such drug-related arrests occurred in 2009 or 2010.


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