October 26, 2011- Issue 6

16 GC students apply for Fulbrights

Features Editor
Senior Thomas Owens, who served on a mission trip in Brazil through the college, is one of the 16 GC students applying for a Fulbright this year.

Georgetown College has twice been named a “Top Producer of Fulbright Schol- ars” and may very well win the college the honor for the third time this year.

A record-setting 16 seniors are applying for either teaching assistant- ships or research grants in various countries through the Fulbright Program. Ful- bright Grants develop and cultivate a mutual under- standing between the people of the United States and the rest of the world.

Each year, approximately 1,700 people are selected to help foster this understanding by either being an English Teaching Assistant, doing research or studying in a foreign coun- try.

Georgetown College has an excellent record for pro- ducing Fulbright Scholars; for the past 21 years this has been done under the guidance of Fulbright Fac- ulty Adviser, now Provost of the College, Dr. Rosemary Allen. What impresses Dr. Allen about the George- town students chosen for Fulbrights each year is how successful they are in all their endeavors. “I have never failed to be impressed by the quality of the stu- dents we can offer to the Fulbright program. When I look at the list of past scholars, I see people who have been extraordinary successes (both personal and professional).”

This year is no exception, as the 16 applicants are as Dr. Allen calls them, “freakishly well-prepared.” This year’s applicants have studied abroad at the University of Oxford, spent time volunteering in other countries, have double majors, are involved in many extracurricular activities and are in the Honors Program, just to name a few of their qualifications. The countries they are applying to include Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Swaziland.

While they all have different rea- sons for applying for the Fulbright, this year’s applicants are all ambitious in pursuing one of the most prestigious grants in the nation. Thomas Owens, who is applying to be an English Teaching Assistant in South Korea, said, “I am applying for the Fulbright in the hopes of challenging myself. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and jump into a culture vastly different than anything I have ever experi- enced.”

Sarah Carey, who is also applying for the ETA in South Korea, is applying because, “As an English major with a secondary and middle grades education certification, I believe that a Fulbright Grant would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach students the Eng.lish language. Not only would I be able to exercise what I’ve learned in my English and education classes, but I’ll also get to travel, which is something I love to do.” Their sentiments resound with the other fourteen applicants.

Fifteen of the sixteen have applied to various countries to be an English Teaching Assistant, which Dr. Allen says, “gives graduating seniors (who are often still exploring their options for the future) direction and purpose, while still giving them freedom to explore. The grants provide a supportive environment while challenging the students to grow in their under- standing of the culture in which they are embedded.” One student, Katie Rapier, has a more ambitious plan for her Fulbright Grant. She has applied for a psychology research grant in Swaziland.

Many of the Georgetown stu- dents chosen for Fulbright Grants have applied for English Teaching Assistantships. Dr. Allen says that Georgetown’s superb teacher education program and strong liberal arts curriculum is what gives GC students a leg up against the competition. “As ETAs, students often have to be able to represent a broad range of cultural perspectives, and the liberal arts background most definitely prepares them well for this undertaking.”

The applications have now been submitted, and all the applicants can do is wait. On February 1, they will find out whether they have been recommended for a grant by the Fulbright organization in the United States. After students are recommended for grants, their applications are forwarded to the country to which they applied, and the officials in that country make a final decision.

Aside from the aforementioned students, other Fulbright applicants include Ashlyn Anderson-Keelin, Rae Dunn, Victoria Engelhardt, Hannah Flanery, Kyle Huskin, Car- oline Hutson, Meredith Mueller, S.E. Price, Josh Slone, Ryan Smith, Rachel Ward, Portia Watson and Samantha Yeates.

Tiger football boasts 7-0 record

News Editor

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

Vince Lombardi’s wise words sum up the entirety of the 2011-2012 football season at Georgetown College thus far. It has been flawless and it doesn’t look like things are looking to change. With games coming up against UVA-Wise, Lind- sey Wilson and Belhaven to end the season, GC is look- ing to not only go undefeated in the Mid-South Confer- ence (which it hasn’t done since the 06-07 season), but they are also seeking to defend their conference title and make a return to the playoffs.

This team has been a special one, built on a tough defense, commitment to one another and belief. Throughout the season they have been hit with adversity, including an injury to their star quarterback Kaelin Ammons, tough games on the road against Ottawa

University and Kentucky Christian and the weight of expectations which has loomed over them all season.

This team was playing with high expectations on them coming off of an 8-3 season and bringing back many key pieces and up to this point they have, on paper, been next to per- fect, although fourteen-year

Head Coach Bill Cronin will tell you something different.

After Saturday’s blowout win against West Virginia Tech 65-0, Cronin said, “We have to keep this in perspective. It was a good day to come out and take another step in the right direction, but we have to keep working. Our guys are putting in the effort.” Keeping things in perspec- tive is going to be essential to keep- ing this team on the right track, because when things are going great, it’s easier to slip up, just ask the Patriots, who went 16-0 in the 2007 season before losing to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

All of this aside, you have to look at what this team has accomplished so far this season: besides a perfect record, they have amassed 2,825 yards of offense and are averaging 403.6 yards per game. They are led in catches by Chris Gohman, who has 19 catches for 386 yards and two touchdowns. The rushing attack has been committee-led, but Logan Osborne has received the bulk of the carries, totaling 279 yards on 69 attempts and one touchdown. The real find of the season has been at quarterback. When Ammons went down, it looked as if GC’s offense was going to crumble, but Neal Pawsat, the Mason County product and true freshman took over under center. He brought a calm and collective attitude from day one and has been a gem for the offense ever since. As much as you can say about the offense, you can’t say enough about the defense, who at the week’s end was allowing less than two touchdowns per game. They have also totaled eight interceptions and 22 sacks as a team on the way. This has truly been the most cohesive unit, almost like a family, that I have ever seen at this level of football. When one of them falters, someone else is there to pick him up, which is a winning com- bination. As GC enters the stretch run of the season, the final three games, they are looking to stay per- fect and make a run at a national title. Things have gotten big for this team as they have gotten thrust onto the national stage. Only one question lingers: how will they finish? Currently they are ranked at number four in the NAIA polls and are looking to climb even higher, thus increasing expectations. This team has weathered through first down, thrown deep on second down, and stretched to the goal line on third down. Now, with the season before them and their fate in their own hands, they are just a fourth and inches from a perfect season. From what I have seen, finishing 3-0, and 10-0 overall, is just a goal line stretch away.


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