October 5, 2011- Issue 4

First Rucker residents move in

Features Editor

Over the weekend, one month and 15 days after the originally scheduled open- ing, 36 of the residents of the newly dedicated Rucker Village were able to move in. The excitement could be felt in the air as students and their parents unloaded the contents of their vehicles from the new parking lot behind the building. What used to look like a con- struction project turned into student housing after new sod was laid down and the empty rooms became homes away from home. The only

things still missing are the light poles, which should be installed early next week.

Sophomore Kelsey Cas- taneda was excited about “the top-of-the-line every- thing!” Rucker Resident Assistant Allie Whitley agreed, saying, “[the town- houses] are really nice! The boy’s dorm is coming along and I know they’ll be excited too.” Dr. Todd Gambill, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, hopes the men’s townhouses will be ready to move into in two weeks.

There was also some aggravation mixed in with the excitement. Sophomore

Andrea Howard said of the delay moving in, “It was really, really frustrating but now we can be here and that makes it great.”

Area Coordinator Jesse Hines is proud of George- town’s newest addition. “Rucker Village denitely allows us to expand our options. Students who live there have the indepen- dence of apartment-style living with the convenience of being just a few minutes walk from campus and right next to the quad. I also love that alumni helped with this project.” The most notable

alumni who has been a part of the building of Rucker Village is Trustee Jim Barlow, who has led the project as its contractor. “I hope this will be helpful to everybody and that we will be able to do it again. Next time we will be a little better prepared.”

Now that these students have moved for a second time this semes- ter, the only major inconveniences that remain are a lack of cooking appliances, a 24-hour visitation area and laundry facilities. Dr. Gambill expects these facilities to be ready by Nov. 1. Until that time, Rucker residents will not have access to cooking appliances or a place for 24-hour visitation, but they will be able to do laundry on East Campus. Residents will not be charged the up-charge until Nov. 1.

New policy promotes responsibility, transparency

Features Editor

Last week, a new student policy went into place at Georgetown College. As a Christian institution of higher learning, GC wants to make the college a safe place for all students to be able to live, learn and believe.

As such, all clubs and groups, including, but not limited to, fraternities and sororities and athletic teams, “are expected to act responsibly so that all students have the oppor- tunity to grow intellectu- ally, spiritually, physically and socially.” The new policy also sets forth the expec- tation that all members of the GC community treat each other “with respect, dignity and in a Christ-like manner.”

Dr. Todd Gambill, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, said it became necessary to imple- ment this new policy after several instances of groups on campus falling short of what Georgetown College expects from members of the community this semes- ter.

The policy also sets forth guidelines to demonstrate transparency in order to build a more trusting com- munity. From now on, groups and organizations that fall short of the afore- mentioned expectations in manners that result in dis- ciplinary actions will have the sanctions against them made public by way of email or Tiger Tidbits. This part of the policy was brought up to President Crouch by stu- dents who thought it would add a layer of accountability to groups who don’t typically think through their actions until after they have already happened. Dr. Crouch, Dr. Gambill and the Student Life staff all helped in writ- ing the policy.

Dr. Gambill said in an email to students contain- ing the new policy that he was writing, “to stress our individual and collec- tive responsibility to abide by our community stan- dards and to promulgate the Christian values of our institution.”


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