September 14, 2011 Volume CXXX Issue 1

GC remembers Dr. Gillespie

Features Editor

Dr. Bill Gillespie passed away on Sept. 2 after bat-tling an illness; although he may be physically gone, his memory lives on in the lives of the many he has touched in the Georgetown College community. As a professor of Communication and Media Studies, he was passionate about making his students understand and care about what he loved and was often found explaining his views of the world through storytelling. His life and work is best honored through the stories of those he touched the most—his students, friends and colleagues at the College.

Communication and Media Studies Professor, Dr. Chris Nix: “Dr. Gillespie not only addressed a wide range of difcult issues in the classroom but prepared students for a world that often seems unfair…Bill would point out opportunit[ies] for improvement. Though it’s seldom easy to recognize or hear about our weaknesses, Bill took this challenge seriously. It’s sometimes tough to appreciate an opportunity for growth in the moment. As a direct result of Dr. Gillespie’s inuence, his students have acquired knowledge and skills that endure beyond academic boundaries. Without question, Dr. Gillespie advocated professional development by inspiring students to never retrospectively regret that they failed to offer their very best.”

Fellow Communication and Media Studies Professor, and former Dr. Gillespie student, Dr. Kenny Sibal: “I had the privilege to be both a colleague and student to Dr. Gillespie. To students, he was known as a caring instructor that was easily able to relate to his audience. As a colleague, I witnessed his desire to advise students and connect them to their professional eld. Dr. Gillespie leaves a void that is not easily lled. He will continue to be missed by many for years to come.”

Student Thomas Hearne: “One of the things I remember most about Dr. Gillespie was that he always gave his honest opinion. He was always available at all hours of the day and seemed to know a little bit about everything. He was very in tune with the way things in life should be and he was able to offer the benet of countless years of experience.”

Student Hillary Thornton: “Dr. Gillespie always put his students rst. He made countless calls for me to make sure I landed an excellent internship. It was because of all of his phone calls and effort that I was able to intern with ABC News in Nashville this past summer and have the experience of a lifetime. Wherever I end up in the future, whatever I end up doing, I will always appreciate what Dr. Gillespie did for me and know that he played a part in getting me to where I am.”

Student Ian Ellis: “Dr. G always took time out of his day to make sure students had everything they needed to succeed. He taught me not only about communication but he also gave me practical life lessons that I still adhere to today, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. He will be missed but never forgotten, living on through the lessons he taught us all.”

Photo Sources: Far left bottom middle and right: Saraya Brewer; Top right: Facebook


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