September 28, 2011 – Issue 3

Songfest 2011 blasts out of this world

Kappa Delta, Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Tau take home major awards

Features Editor

Songfest 2011 really was out of this world. Instead of having the typical two months to create a skit, design props

Rockledge Photography / PAUL ATKINSON The Kappa Delta’s “Magic School Bus”-themed skit earned them the Overall Songfest Female award.

and costumes and practice continually, this year’s contestants had only 23 days to put together their act. It was a feat most thought of as seemingly impossible; questions like “How can we ever have it all together in three weeks?!” arose as soon as the date for Homecoming was announced last spring. There were naysayers and pessimists who thought the residence halls would not be up-to-par with past performances, but last Friday night proved them all wrong.

In all, 11 acts took the stage to demonstrate that Georgetown College is out of this world. The skits ranged from the typical, such as “Star Wars” (done by almost all the male groups) to the more unique, such as the “Magic School Bus” and the “Wizard of Oz” (done by Kappa Delta and Knight Hall, respectively). When it was all said and done, the major winners were Kappa Delta, Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Tau.

Kappa Delta, whose Magic School Bus skit took everyone in the audience back to their childhood days, won the Overall Female Songfest Award for the third year in a row. Meanwhile, the independent men and women joined forces in a Georgetown-themed “Chronicles of Narnia” adventure that won them, oddly enough, the Overall Male Songfest Award.

Phi Kappa Tau brought to life several popular You- Tube videos including the “Potter Puppet Pals,” Glozell, “The Bedroom Intruder” and “Kittens inspired by Kittens,” winning them Most Comical.

The women of Sigma Kappa showed the judges that they had the Most Georgetown Spirit with their skit taking the audience on a journey to the moon and back, while the President’s House Association’s low-budget Chewbacca and epic Star Wars-esque battle helped them win Best Theme Development.

Lambda Chi Alpha commented on the current controversy about GC going DIII, going as far as to paint on the back of one character NO D-3. That, along with the hip hop routines that were eerily similar to those of the Kappa Deltas last year, helped win them the Participant’s Choice Male Award.

The ladies of Gamma Delta reminded the audience of the Jabbawockeez as they helped Lady Gaga steal the spirit of Georgetown, winning them Best Choreography. Knight Hall’s “Wizard of Oz” theme, complete with dancing owers and lollipops, helped them take home the Most Creative Award, and with their game changing glow-in-the-dark dance routine, the women of Phi Mu took home Best Musical Presentation and Participant’s Choice Female. They also won the Bench Judging and Female Overall Homecoming Week awards.

The men of Phi Kappa Tau also took home the award of Male Overall Homecoming Week Award. Pi Kappa Alpha may not have won any awards, but they had a lot of witty remarks commenting on a variety of aspects of Georgetown College and had a pretty interesting take on the movie Transformers. Anderson Hall’s skit might not have won them any awards, but the array of talent shown within was overwhelmingly popular with the crowd; it had people Bernie-ing, doing the Cotton-Eyed Joe, rapping, and acoustic singing of both John Mayer and One Republic.

Songfest Awards

Phi Kappa Tau: Most Comical, Overall Homecoming Week Award Male

PHA: Best Theme Development

Lambda Chi Alpha: Participant’s Choice Male

Kappa Delta: Overall Songfest Female

Knight: Most Creative

Alpha Gamma Delta: Best Choreography

Sigma Kappa: Most Georgetown Spirit

Phi Mu: Best Musical Presentation, Participant’s Choice Female, Bench Judging Award, Overall Homecoming Week Award Female

Independent Men and Women: Overall Male Songfest Award


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