November 2, 2011- Issue 7 News

Dance Marathon gives fundraising a kick

Staff Writer

The Dance Marathon team is working hard to involve everyone in their fundraising efforts this year and spread the word about their cause. If dancing isn’t your thing, maybe soccer is.

Last Sunday, Oct. 30, five teams participated in the five versus five soccer tournament held to raise money for the spring Dance Mar- athon event, which will in turn raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and specifically Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington.

In the tournament, organized by Senior Rachel Ward, each team member was asked to pay $4 to play, for a total of $20 per team. Students from many back- grounds and interests were pres- ent, and the games, though serious, looked fun. In the end, a team led by Jose Baeza won the tour- nament. Between players, spectators and “officials” there was quite a turn-out on Sunday afternoon. Those interested in participat- ing in Dance Marathon can sign up outside the Caf most Mondays of the semester.

If anyone has ideas about other ways to use your interests and talents to raise money for the Kentucky Children’s Hospital with the Dance Marathon team, contact or visit

Board of Trustees extend Crouch’s contract, hire faculty and elect trustees

On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Board of Trustees met on campus and made many important decisions for Georgetown College. Among these were the decision to remain in the NAIA and discontinue pursuit of a switch to Division III, and to present Joe Anna Boykin and Ashley Judd with honorary doctrates.

The Georgetown College Board of Trustees also voted unanimously to extend the contract for President William Crouch through 2016. In announcing the contract extension, the trustees expressed their appreciation for Dr. Crouch’s leadership and pledged, as a board, to work closely with him to continue to transition the College into a dynamic national liberal arts college focused on a strong Christian identity, academic excellence and character- building student experiences.

The trustees also approved the hiring of 18 new faculty members for Fall 2011 and approved 18 sabbatical requests for 2012-2013.

Elected to the Board of Trustees for three-year terms beginning in January 2012, are G.J. Hart, CEO, California Pizza Kitchen, and Robert Doty, Ph.D. (class of 1962), as well as former trustees Granetta Blevins (class of 1980) and Randy Fields (class of 1982). Mrs. Blevins has also previously served as board chair.

Earl Goode (class of 1962) current Vice-Chair, was elected Chair, succeeding William J. (B.I.) Hous- ton, who will serve as Vice-Chair beginning in 2012.

Because of time constraints, further discussion of the College’s Christian identity was postponed until the January meeting.

Press Release 

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