October 25, 2011- Issue 5

Students rally in the name of environmental sustainabilitypage1image2152

Staff Writer

On Thursday, Oct. 20, a new environmental group at Georgetown College held the first meeting of the year at the Asher Science Center. It is a group made up of faculty, staff and students all striving to create more awareness and productivity of environmental sustainability on campus. This organization is based around the essential goal of furthering the maintenance of a successful community and experience at Georgetown by creating projects to make the area environmentally- friendly. The creativity that circulated throughout the room produced valuable ideas such as more receptacles in the buildings on campus, double-sided printing and paper free assignments in classes where everything will be submitted online. Leading this association is Morgan Reeves, sophomore, and Hannah Flanery, senior.

A major topic the group is investigating is the College’s waste management costs. At the moment Georgetown has a three-year contract with Rumpke that expires in February of 2013. For Rumpke to haul the waste from Georgetown College to the Central Kentucky Landfill costs $18,000 per year. In the past three years, our rate-per- ton has increased to $30.75. So far, the environmental club is looking into a campus-wide recycling plan that will lower the overall cost of waste management, but will require a new plan for maintenance pick up and balancing out the cost for more recyclable bins and supplies. This is why the entire group is hoping to spread the word to other students and faculty members: to stop unneeded spending on something that is having a negative influence on the environment. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this project, contact Kay Blevins.

One of the most inventive programs that has come up at George- town is the Apprentice Challenge. The challenge is for a group of students and faculty to figure out ifferent ways for whole communities and schools to go green more efficiently. This group on campus is led by H.K. Kingkade, and is open to everyone.

This small gathering created a humbling and heart-warming experience that established an even ground and broke the barrier between students and staff members. Reeves had this to say about the group’s mission: “We are an organization working toward a more sustainable Georgetown College community.” If you want to be a part of this great group and to help make a difference for Georgetown contact either Morgan Reeves or Hannah Flanery and join the environmental sustainability club today.


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