October 5, 2011- Issue 4

CLS program leads fall break retreat

Opinion Editor

Although many students use Fall Break as a time to rest and relax, there will always be those with an urge to seek adventure, to go places. Some just want a change of scenery. I have known many a student’s attempts at organizing a road trip fall on deaf ears. If you are one of these students looking for more than R&R this fall break, your search is over. The Christian Lead- ers Scholar program is organizing a trip to Hilton Head Oct. 12 through 16. It is primarily for sophomores, juniors and seniors, but after this Wednesday it will be open for fresh- man. This year’s theme is “Ut Hora Sic Vita,” which means “As goes the hour, so goes life,” encouraging students to not wait until after col- lege to start nding their vocation or real “lives.” Participants will have free time during the day and wor- ship sessions at night, which will be led by Georgetown College students and Bruce Main, director of Urban Promise.

Those who wish to attend should pay a $75 deposit to Shirley Col- lege with Student Accounts in High- baugh Hall by Oct. 5. However, the total cost of $135 is not due till Oct. 12. The fee covers students’ motel rooms with complimentary continental breakfasts, transporta- tion, three evening meals, and a CLS t-shirt. For those interested, more information regarding pay- ment, luggage and travel schedules should be directed to Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise, Dr. Sheila Klopfer or student leaders Carolynn Ann Allen and Dennis Propp.


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