November 16, 2011- Issue 9 Sports

Football finishes undefeated

season; playoffs set

Sports Editor
Source: Neal Pawsat has stepped in beautifully and continues to amaze at the quarterback position.
Perfection is not something that is easily obtained, but it is something that every football team in America seeks when the leaves start to fall and the chill in the air makes its presence known. Vince Lombardi, famed football coach for the Green Bay Packers,once said, “Gentleman, we will chase perfection and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way we will catch excellence.”
Lombardi, who won five league championships with the Packers from 1959-1967, was a coach that got it, a coach that kept his players hungry. There wasn’t a Packers team with Lombardi at the helm that didn’t have three things: agreat defense, discipline and a will to never give up.
When I look at this year’s Georgetown College football team, it makes me think of those Packer teams that dominated on both sides of the ball: offensively explosive and stingy on defense.In my mind they warrant comparison to LSU or Alabama, albeit at a different level of competition. Alabama has a young quarterback learning the system as he goes, taking what opposing defenses are giving him. The defense is dominant in every game, making multiple goal line stands inside the one yard line while jumping routes, pursuing the running back and making plays from hash-to-hash.GC is no different: they have made goal line stands, produced turnovers andkept the big play from happening. As far as the offense goes, Neal Pawsat has done a phenomenal job of running the offense and producing points. It’s hard to think that this guy is a freshman that didn’t even plan on playing this season,sitting behind senior Kaelin Ammons.
When Ammons went down with a knee injury midway through the season,Pawsat was called on to getunder center and he

Source: Pawsat has led GC in several games this season, including rival Campbellsville.

jumpedat the opportunity. It has been a total team effort this year and they have had to rely on each other to get through adversity. This speaks a lot to how this team cares about each other on the field, in the locker room and on campus: there isn’t a place you go on campus where you don’t see football players cutting up and having a good time. They really do care about each other and it has translated to stellar play on the football field.

This past Saturday the team accomplished their goal that they set at the beginning of the season:perfection. They finished the regular season 10-0 with a win over Belhaven in Jackson,Miss. The game started when GC was able to get the ball down the field, but failed to convert a third down and had to settle for a 32-yard field goal by Alex Kreimer. GC actually found themselves down in the game after Belhaven got the ball back. They struck quick with a 79-yard touchdown pass to go ahead 7-3 early in the first quarter.
The victory for Belhaven was short lived and they wouldn’t experience that feeling again as GC went on to dominate the rest of the game. GC went on to score three touchdowns on the ground with one each by Adam Schmitz, Dominique Carter and Randy Doss. Kreimer would also tack on another field goal in the second quarter and Devon Pitts would cap the scoring off with a 32-yard interception return for a touchdown.
The final tally, 33-7, was actually one of the closer games the Tigers have had in the past month. Pawsat finished 15-of-24 for 164 yards, a very efficient game under center. This team has played excellent all season and now all of these wins they have accumulated,from Ottawa University to Belhaven University,don’t matter anymore.
Now the real test begins:the postseason. GC finished the regular season at number three in the polls and is trailing only Marian(Ind.) at number one and Carroll (Mont.) at number two. The final ranking secured them at least a first round game at home and a possible second round one as well.
The game will take place Saturday, Nov. 19 at 1:30p.m. Tickets are on sale outside the Caf and the prices are as follows: five dollars for general admission, $12 for bleacher seats and $15 for chair back seats. This is a big game for the college as they return to the playoffs for the second straightyear and repeat as Mid-South Conference champions.Offensive coordinator Craig Mullins said, “We are thrilled to be in the playoffs for the second consecutive year as MSC East champions.The big difference from this past year is that we open the first round at home.” Home field should make a big difference for the Tigers this year and it should be a decided advantage based on the regular season.
This is actually the first meeting between GC and Benedictine University. The Tigers are coming into the game undefeated and Benedictine has lost its last two games. Coach Bill Croninis looking to add another title to his resume, which already has two national titles. Cronin has been to the national title game four times overall. Georgetown has a 20-8 playoff record since 1997, but with six of those eight losses coming since 2002, GC is looking to change recent playoff woes.
The last time the tigers advanced out of the first round was 2005. Both teams are extremely talented, but most of all both teams feature two great head coaches.Larry Wilcox, the coach at Benedictine, is third all-timeon the NAIA wins list and Cronin is fifth. The game on Saturday is huge and GC is looking to move forward for the first time in awhile. Come out and support your tigers as they try and advance in the playoffs and win a third national title.

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